‘Communist Revolution in USA Exposed with Trump’s Arrest,’ Fitton Says

Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch, reacted to Tuesday’s court drama and arrest of President Donald J. Trump over a made-up charge regarding presidential records by making comparisons to Communist revolutions.

And he isn’t the only one with that sort of analysis from Tuesday. Real America’s Voice and the War Room dove into the topic too.

“The Communists think they can undo our Republican form of government,” Fitton said at CPAC:

Ben Bergquam and the hosts of War Room were live on the scene in Miami on Tuesday to cover the actual court day and had many conversations with supporters of Trump’s who also had Communism and Revolution on their minds.

Here are some clips from Tuesday’s coverage of the Trump-supporting crowd:

Outside the courthouse in Miami, a Chinese refugee tells

@BenBergquam and

@JackPosobiec she doesn’t want to see the US turn into China: “America is the last stop for freedom. If we lose this battle we have nowhere to flee.”


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