Law And Border On Real Americas Voice: The Fight Against the Cartel Invasion

Law and Border is a new program on Real Americas Voice with investigative reporter Ben Berngquam, that is sure to educate Americans on the real details of the crisis that is unfolding on the Southern Border between the US and Mexico.

Bergquam is frequently on assignment in the border areas of both Mexico and the United States bringing viewers exclusive content from networking with law enforcement and other activists- who are able to skillfully relay critical information to him about what appears to be an invasion at the worst- and a chaotic massive humanitarian crisis as best, there.

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“Exclusive footage from our next Episode of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice News America‚Äôs Voice News. Just another day in the life of La Joya, TX Police in the fight against the Cartel #invasion on our southern border! #BidenBorderInvasion!” Ben wrote about the following video.

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