Leaking Lies While Trump is Gagged, Dems Move Trump’s Trial to Two Months Before the 2024 Election

Communists sadistically love to rule by humiliating good and faithful people. We know that from studying Mao and his humiliation cmapaigns. The better and more faithful the person, the more the soulless commies enjoy their little humiliation games.

Naive Americans- who haven’t been paying attention to the Communist revolution in America- will soon learn that surviving denunciation trials and humiliation schemes are a daily way of life for those under CCP domination.

The arrest and trial of Donald J. Trump will be an obsession for the Progressive Communists who have waited a long time for the final destruction of the United States of America.

And one man stands in their way- Trump.

This trial thing, while Trump is gagged and forbidden to defend himself, is the Communist leadership that the Democrats and Never Trumpers are so thoroughly enjoying right now, as seen in this tweet from Jack Hopkins:

Democrats and Never Trumpers have gone out of their way to show that they see the government as a means to grab power and authority for themselves and to protect their own political agenda. Anyone who supports it must absolutely see it now.

And it is obvious that they see the media as a platform for political smears and for little else.

The corrupt government and the corrupt media- two kissing cousins of nonconsensual sadistic power grabs over free people.

The left are in Heaven over it.

And now we know that outlets like Politico, who have been responsible for massive damage to Conservatives and the America First agenda, will be acting as an asset of the government to leak false information about Trump’s situation, knowing full well Trump can not defend himself because he has been told he can not speak to the media.

It is pure tyranny.

There are no nuance positions now between the parties and players, you are either for government corruption or you are against government corruption.

The news hit on Tuesday that Trump’s trial would be set for mid August 2024, and the left-leaning media is having a great adventure pretending that the charges are actually based on reality- or on more illegally leaked rumors by the corrupt government:

“Donald Trump’s criminal trial for hoarding military secrets at Mar-a-Lago has a starting date — Aug. 14 — but don’t expect it to hold.

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon bookmarked the last two weeks in August for the historic trial, part of an omnibus order setting some early ground rules and deadlines for the case. That would represent a startlingly rapid pace for a case that is expected to be complicated and require lengthy pretrial wrangling over extraordinarily sensitive classified secrets,” Politico corruptly reported.

The outlet offered no proof that there were any military secrets in the batches of documents, and they are clearly leaking, trying to damage the defense while having a gag order on Trump.

This is just like a Soviet show trial, and it is happening while Trump campaigns for President, making them no better than any third world- as the Democrats and Never Trumpers try to avoid a peaceful transfer of power- once again.

Trump is leading in the polls. That is something they are desperately trying to stop.

Proving Trump case that the weaponized “Deep State” is out to get him and trying to rig the election system in their favor, have arrested their political opponent- who happens to be the leading candidate for President to a date that is mere months before the election, which would be about the time of the Republican Convention.

Tucker Carlson talked about the weaponization of the DOJ and then called Joe Biden out as a Dictator.

Trump was charged with having presidential records in a vault in his home in Florida, which was protected by law enforcement.

See which one of these he broke:

Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978

The Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, 44 U.S.C. ß2201-2209, governs the official records of Presidents and Vice Presidents that were created or received after January 20, 1981 (i.e., beginning with the Reagan Administration). The PRA changed the legal ownership of the official records of the President from private to public, and established a new statutory structure under which Presidents, and subsequently NARA, must manage the records of their Administrations.  The PRA was amended in 2014, which established several new provisions.

Specifically, the PRA:

  • Establishes public ownership of all Presidential records and defines the term Presidential records.
  • Requires that Vice-Presidential records be treated in the same way as Presidential records.
  • Places the responsibility for the custody and management of incumbent Presidential records with the President.
  • Requires that the President and his staff take all practical steps to file personal records separately from Presidential records.
  • Allows the incumbent President to dispose of records that no longer have administrative, historical, informational, or evidentiary value, once the views of the Archivist of the United States on the proposed disposal have been obtained in writing.
  • Establishes in law that any incumbent Presidential records (whether textual or electronic) held on courtesy storage by the Archivist remain in the exclusive legal custody of the President and that any request or order for access to such records must be made to the President, not NARA.
  • Establishes that Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.
  • Establishes a process by which the President may restrict and the public may obtain access to these records after the President leaves office; specifically, the PRA allows for public access to Presidential records through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) beginning five years after the end of the Administration, but allows the President to invoke as many as six specific restrictions to public access for up to twelve years.
  • Codifies the process by which former and incumbent Presidents conduct reviews for executive privilege prior to public release of records by NARA (which had formerly been governed by Executive order 13489).
  • Establishes procedures for Congress, courts, and subsequent Administrations to obtain “special access” to records from NARA that remain closed to the public, following a privilege review period by the former and incumbent Presidents; the procedures governing such special access requests continue to be governed by the relevant provisions of E.O. 13489.
  • Establishes preservation requirements for official business conducted using non-official electronic messaging accounts:  any individual creating Presidential records must not use non-official electronic messaging accounts unless that individual copies an official account as the message is created or forwards a complete copy of the record to an official messaging account.  (A similar provision in the Federal Records Act applies to federal agencies.)
  • Prevents an individual who has been convicted of a crime related to the review, retention, removal, or destruction of records from being given access to any original records.

This election cycle will be very stressful as people choose sides, and what is clear is that the county is divided and being bombarded with more of the Never Trumper style propaganda.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is ready to star pushing back:

Speculation is that the cycle is going to be very difficult as the corrupt powers unite and push for the further destruction of America’s founding principles:

There is a lot of talk about how unfair it all is:

And Trump just keeps plugging away focused on the right agenda for prosperity for the American people:

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