John Durham Was Not The Hero We Thought He Would Be, Neither is Jim Jordan

It was shocking – in a way- to hear John Durham’s voice because he was not the strong and brave, confident-sounding hero many Americans were led to believe he was. His voice did not match the image of a tuff American guy searching for justice.

And that is because, clearly, he isn’t that character.

On Wednesday, Durham appeared before Congress and displeased everyone except for himself and the cronies in his department, who all got paid for doing nothing for the American people.

The big takeaway was that John Durham was nothing more than cover for the corrupt government elite:

And Durham had an obvious attitude about the whole thing that he didn’t care at all about the corruption of the government:

Shattered were the ideas that John Durham, the Special Counsel, was going to save any of us, or make anything right. From the hearing on Wednesday, when most of us heard Durham’s small little, nasally voice and watched him act like an emasculated little ‘administrative state’ player- we learned that Durham made a lot of money, knew he was not delivering anything that the American people expected him to, and made he didn’t much care that no one felt satisfied by the job he did for the last 5 years.

At the hearing, it was exposed that the whole takedown of a duly elected president- was pretty much what is expected today from the corrupt government powers, and Durham didn’t actually try to do anything about it all, choosing to be a failure, and take one for the team:

At times Durham was bitter and resentful at being questioned why he wasted so much time, cost us so much money, and appeared to be so corrupt.

Durham was exasperated at times with the questioning and openly mocking of Americans’ concerns as he defended his cronies and vouched for their collective work- which was all a pile of nothing, even in the face of massive crimes and usurpations against the American people.

US Rep. Jim Jordan did his typical bulldog attack, which really was just more theater, even allowing himself to be dominated by US Rep. Adam Schiff at times, who was very bitter and resentful at the line of questioning.

The leftist media didn’t even cover it:

Jordan did his usual tuff guy- Blah, Blah, Blah… :

Here is how Newsweek covered the hearing:

Jordan was scolded during his own committee hearing after he mocked another committee member’s line of questioning.

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Wednesday on Special Counsel John Durham’s report, which concluded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did not have evidence of collusion before it launched its Crossfire Hurricane investigation into then-President Donald Trump.

During the hearing, Jordan, who chairs the committee, cut off Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee while she questioned Durham, who testified before the panel, telling the congresswoman her time had expired and then poking fun at the questions she asked the witness.

After confirming it was Jackson Lee whom Jordan was referring to in his statements, another member on the committee blasted the Ohio Republican, telling him, “Mr. Chairman, that is absolutely inappropriate.”

The exchange is the latest in a number of heated incidents in Jordan’s committee hearings. Several times, lawmakers on opposite sides of the aisle have bickered during the hearings held by Jordan’s Weaponization of the Federal Government committee, leaving the chairman with difficult scenes to control.

When Jordan was scolded over his own decorum on Wednesday, he defended his remarks about his Democratic colleague, saying, “I was just pointing out something that I think is so, so ridiculous.”

Before Jordan cut off Jackson Lee, she was interrogating Durham about his communications with then-Attorney General Bill Barr, a Trump appointee who tapped Durham to lead the probe into the origins of Crossfire Hurricane.

“It seems that rather than having an independent investigation, there was a lot of interaction between the attorney general and special prosecutor which shows that the attorney general was actively directing your work,” Jackson Lee concluded.

Jordan then summed up her arguments in his own words, suggesting that Jackson Lee was overemphasizing the level of interactions Barr and Durham had throughout the time that the special counsel completed his report.

“You had eight text messages with the attorney general of the United States in an 11-month time period? That’s amazing!” Jordan exclaimed.

But Joran is just play-acting, it seems.

House Republicans have prioritized inquiries into federal law enforcement agencies, arguing that Trump has been unfairly targeted by politically motivated federal investigations.

And Joran and his committee are doing more of nothing while collecting a big pay check.

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