LGBTQ is Annoying People who want Trump Back

Americans are sick of the LGBTQ push, and everywhere they are saying the movement is evil. Black and White Americans are unified on the issue of not liking destruction to the American culture, and they want Trump back.

According to a 2021 Pew Study, growing shares in all age groups say they know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns. Claims among adults younger than 30 increased 14 percentage points since 2018 (32% to 46%) and 10 points among those aged 30 to 49 (19% to 29%).

At the same time, the restlessness with the whole thing is also growing.

Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, chatted with a Pastor in front of the White House on a recent trip to the area and talked about politics, religion, and social issues. The two agreed on the prevalence of LGBTQ pressures upon society and the root of the problems the movement is having on culture.

Minister Leroy Swells shared his concerns about President Biden and the state of America, citing issues with the southern border and the rise of “LGBTQ, preschool, transgender, and queer Elementary Education,” adding that the only solution he sees is coming from President Donald J. Trump.

To Swells, Trump is the only solution to America’s problems, citing his stance against Satan and his ability to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.

“I’ve been in Dragon City for 72 years, Swells told Bergquam, “the same as demonic vice president Kamala Harris. Getting President Trump back is essential because he would save America. I live here in Dragon City, which they call The Swamp. And President Trump came saying he would drain the swamp, and he threatened the politicians.

He threatened everybody here. Joe Biden has been in politics for 50 years. I got people in Delaware. I know when he was 30. It’s 29 years old. He came into politics. He never did one thing right. Okay. Now, think about it. What’s going on in the country now is satanic thinking.

I want America to know we are going upside down and backward daily here.

All I see is LGBTQ. And I have a severe problem with preschool, transgender, and queer Elementary Education drag queen stores out. Nobody wants to talk about who runs the White House.

Nobody wants to talk about the White House press secretary. Because people have been deceived by Satan the Devil- we don’t want to hear about surgically mutilating arteries and organs. Think about it. We have to put President Trump back in office any way we can,” Swells said.

Watch the full interview:

Just a couple of days later, Bergquam was with his wife in a maternity ward, and he saw the tell-tale signs of the LGBTQ pronoun nonsense- and he had some things to say:

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