Live from the Jungle: Immigration Profiteers Give World’s Poor Provisions of Condoms for Deadly Trek into Arms of Mexican Cartels

The United Nations, the world’s elite and US Democrats have built an institution to create human suffering for the people of the Americas- and they have grabbed more power and wealth than ever before by exploiting immigration and human migration- forcing ill-equipt people to travel over harsh conditions – placing their lives in danger.

Ben Bergquam has uncovered that the United Nations and America’s Democrats have lied to these poor people, and armed them with condoms as provisions for what often becomes a deadly journey. Evidence of rape and sexual torture and abuse litter the jungles where the profiteers of migrations are pushing people.

This story shows the undeniable proof that people are suffering and the corporate-Mainstream media is covering it all up:

Oscar Blue Ramirez and Ben Bergquam both correspondents for Real America’s Voice had a harrowing trip around the Darrien Gap this week and appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon, Friday to give him the details about what they discovered.

“Well, we started our journey at the Venezuela-Colombia border about two weeks ago, just over two weeks ago to show what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see, ” Bergquam said to Bannon, adding:

“You asked us what our objective was and it’s really simple and kind of abstract, we want to shine light in the darkness and expose the left for the liars that they are.”

Bergquam, the host of Law and Border and the founder of Frontline America, has been investigating the real action on the Southern Border of the United States and Mexico many times with the assistance of Border Network News founder Ramirez.

Together the two men have reported on the often grizzly and harrowing consequences of the “open border’ policies of Democrats- especially those of Democrat Joe Biden.

Their most recent trip thru the Darrien Gap has been the most graphic expose of the left and their Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and usurpations of American Sovereignty- yet.

The United Nations has really been exposed on this latest trip, as they are exploiting the people who are most impoverished by the policies of Socialism and Communism in Central and Southern American countires, so they are adding misery- upon misery for these women and children, as seen below:

Here is more about what happened to the people after the United Nations shepherded them to the Darrien Gap, as a solution to disaster economic policies in their homelands:

“This is one of the most dangerous places. places in the world because the Narco terrorists -the Drug Cartels- run this area. We were escorted through the area by Center Front, which is basically a special force of border patrol that run the Border Protection,” Bergquam told Bannon.

What Bergquam and Ramirez reported was harrowing for young grown men, and they reminded the audiences that women and children are tricked into going on the journey, and many die.


“I found this is the bracelet for Juliet, and it is the size of a child’s arm, about the size of my daughter, that was left behind. We have no idea if Juliette’s alive or dead, if she was taken and trafficked, we don’t know,” Bergquam said, holding up a small bracelet of beads and string and then coming up on a small campsite, Bergquam found evidence of the condoms that were handed out by the United Nations to the groups of women and children before they started their trip:

“We’ve got condoms, the UN condoms used all over the place,” he said- showing the evidence, “condom. Condom, condom, condom, used all used right here. There’s a very high positive probability that there was a rape here. Multiple rapes happened right here,” he said, pointing his camera , explaining some of the direst consequences of this trip- the human, sexual and criminal exploitation of people- by who we know are brutal criminals.

“Thank God for the UN giving out those condoms. So women can get raped instead of telling them not to come. Unbelievable. These demons give out birth control and condoms. Knowing these women are going to get raped. You see the blanket that could have been bedded down with? He just pulled out. It’s pure evil, pure evil. This whole ground here is littered with condoms. This is like similar to what we see on the US side of Macomb rape trees when he got the panties and bras in the trees, but here you got panties and bras all over on the ground here it is condoms everywhere,” Bergquam said, adding:

“This is pure evil. Brought to you by the United Nations NGOs and leftists who claim to care about the environment and people but push absolute destruction of the rainforests. The left pretends to care about climate change while we had Davos going on last week. They don’t give a damn about what really happens out here,. They just care about money and power,” Bergquam said, handing the mic to Ramirez who said:

“The death and rape of women and children and absolutely abuse of humanity and human torture that is incentivized by the open border policies of leftists. Communists socialists. Absolutely, that is what the Democrats are doing- that is what we’re seeing in the jungle.” 


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