“Condom, Condom, Condom- all used” Bergquam Finds UN Condoms Littering Ground and Screaming Babies In Jungle

If real journalists won awards, Steve Bannon and Oscar El Blue and Ben Bergquam would get the prize for Saturday’s segment of the War Room, where the three exposed the reality of what is happening along the disastrous path of human migration to the United States, in the Darien Gap, which is known as a brutal land.

As Bergquam shows caravans of people hauling off small crying children and exhausted women carrying provisions above their heads through streams and rivers, he discovers the ground strewn with used condoms- which he exposed were handed out- like penny lollipops- by the immigration profiteers from the United Nations and Democrat Party.

The Following footage is simply brutal to watch:

Here is how it started:

Bergquam risked his life to bring Americans the footage of what is really happening to people who are being herded through deadly conditions to reach the United States- being misled about what they will receive the entire way.

Bergquam recorded himself praying with the Special Forces who escorted the two reporters through the highly dangerous Darien Gap so that two Real America’s Voice correspondents could record the epic exploitation of humanity that is found there- as the United Nations and the Democrats lead unsuspecting poor people, including women with small children- through the hazardous areas that are run by Mexican Drug Cartels.

The footage the two took is horrible, yet as Bergquam describes, it is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of what is to come. Fortunately, from the network that Steve Bannon’s War Room and Real America’s Voice has drawn together with other investigative reporters, there are enough people who want to see the truth come out about what is happening along the human migration path of the Darien Gap by immigration profiteers, to expose them:

As Bergquam and EL Blue point out, the United Nations and Democrats with their Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) like Catholic Charities and Nonprofits, are gaining enormous wealth to drive the embattled people from failed Socialist and Communists countries of Central and Southern American countries- through the deadly area of the Darien Gap-toward the open border of the United States where they are promised by the Biden administration they will get an amnesty and other welfare assistance.

We have covered the massive wealth-building human slavery trade by Catholic charities:

Along Bergquam and Ramirez’s recent journey, they have chronicled the damage done to local people, whose lands are trampled by economic migrants who are being pushed from their homelands to seek new homes in the United States of America- including the emboldening of Mexican Drug Cartels who are profiting from chaos and influx of money that comes with easier access to the United States through open borders.

Just weeks ago, the two experienced a double murder blocks away from where they were reporting:

Berguam records much of the UN’s abuse of these people on his program Law and Border on Real America’s Voice.

Ramirez does the same on Border Network News, along with journalist Anthony Agureo, based on the use of Non-Government agencies. This is painfully true:

What the two discover is heartbreaking:

Instead of combatting Communism- the UN and world elites provide women and children with rape kits and condoms for the high likelihood that they will be raped, as Bergquam has investigated and reported about for years now.

In the following video is the shocking evidence of those condoms beings used and callously discarded as a simple fact of life that women are children are sexually abused along their journey to the US. And he has covered the fact that sexual slavery, created by the UN is right on our border as well. Yet the UN does nothing at all about what they are driving women and children INTO…

Bergquam has reported on sexual slavery that is created by the partnership of Mexican Drug Cartels and elite Democrats with their open borders- numerous times:

And the Democrats can not get enough of the misery they are creating:

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