Mark Robinson’s Campaign Slams Josh Stein’s Border Policy as Dangerous and Misguided

The North Carolina race for Governor is heating up this week. Republican Mark Robinson and his campaign are releasing bold statements and humiliating Democrats.

Earlier in the week, Robinson slammed Democrat Joe Biden over letting potential terrorists into the “Tar Heel” State as we covered:

‘How Did This Terrorist Get Into NC?’, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Presses Biden Administration on Terror Suspect Arrest

Then, just days after the press conference about the terrorists, Republican Mark Robinson’s campaign office stated in response to Josh Stein’s recent attention on border issues. The statement criticizes Stein’s actions as a “cynical ploy” to deflect from his support of what they label as President Biden’s “illegal immigration crisis.”

They accuse Stein of backing open-border policies and opposing measures to prevent North Carolina from becoming a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants. The statement also highlights Stein’s support for Biden and his immigration policies, as well as his praise for Democrat sheriffs who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The campaign argues that Stein cannot be trusted on border security issues.

Background information provided includes quotes from Stein opposing measures to prevent sanctuary cities and expressing support for Biden and sheriffs refusing to cooperate with ICE.

Here is some of what Stein reported:

Republican Mark Robinson is not letting that ‘News Grab’ go unaddressed.  The campaign office released the follow statement on Wednesday:


RALEIGH, NC – Please see the statement below regarding Josh Stein’s border news grab:

“Stein’s news grab is a cynical ploy meant to cover his tracks after years of supporting the open-borders policies of President Biden’s illegal immigration crisis. As a state senator, Stein spoke out against a bill to prevent North Carolina from becoming a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. As attorney general, Stein is a cheerleader for Biden and his disastrous open-border policies, and applauds Democrat sheriffs who refuse to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement. When it comes to securing the border, North Carolina can’t trust Josh Stein.” – Mike Lonergan, Communications Director, Mark Robinson for Governor


As a State Senator, Josh Stein spoke out against a bill to prevent North Carolina from becoming a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

‘However well-intentioned this provision is, it’s actually going to undermine all of our safety,’ said Sen. Josh Stein, D-Wake.” (Associated Press, Critics blast bill forbidding ‘sanctuary cities’, 9/25/2019)

Stein has been a cheerleader for President Biden:

“Yes, he is our best chance to move our country forward.” – Josh Stein (CNN, State of the Union, 3/10/24)

Stein applauds Democrat sheriffs that refuse to cooperate with ICE:

“Sheriff Quentin Miller announced Tuesday that his office, which operates the county’s 608-bed jail, will no longer honor ICE detainers — holds placed on inmates who federal immigration officials suspect are in the country illegally.” (Sam DeGrave, Buncombe sheriff: County will no longer honor ICE detainers, The Citizen-Times, 2/26/19)

“Buncombe County is proud to share that Sheriff Quentin Miller is one of four leaders from Western North Carolina to receive the prestigious Dogwood Award from North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.” (Buncombe County Press Release, Sheriff Quentin Miller Honored with Attorney General’s Dogwood Award, 11/23/21)

“New Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead announced Friday that his office will no longer honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers.” (New Durham County sheriff ends honoring of ICE detainers, ABC 11, 2018)

“Sheriff Clarence Birkhead and I have worked together for years to keep North Carolinians safe. I appreciate his dedication to public safety and his support in this race. I’m proud to work with him and other law enforcement officers to protect our communities.” – Josh Stein (Facebook, 10/5/2023)

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