Rallying Chicago’s MAGA: Uniting Against Systemic Injustice and Political Disillusionment

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, appeared on the WarRoom with Steve Bannon to talk about what is happening in Chicago, as some former Democrats- turned MAGA Republicans express their frustration over economic disparities caused by the elevation of illegals in their city.

The Chicago residents were frustrated regarding job opportunities and lessening resources in their communities for the Black Community.

Pastor Lowery told Bergquam about his message of unity to fight injustice and about his focused message for the Black Community: 

“The biggest issue that I can see, this is a spiritual war. Mr. Bannon, this war is being fought. And it’s time for Christians to stand up. It’s time for pastors to come together and take their rightful place and say no to this government and what they’re doing.

And if we don’t understand where we’re at right now, and the American people and patrons across this country don’t come together and deal with this issue, they will lose, and we’re losing our children in the schools to evil.

Half of them cannot even read or write. They’re graduating at 90%. Math proficiency is in the low teens. Reading all of these things, or guess what the American people and American way of life have been for us for so many years, and I just think that it’s time that all Americans get together.

We have to stand together and unify ourselves, and we have to get the Democrats out of office. And that’s why I’m telling black folks across the country. We need a checkup from the neck up.”

The men who joined Bergquam told Bannon that the see illegal immigrants as taking jobs and receiving benefits while American citizens, especially those in minority communities, are left neglected.

There’s a strong sentiment that this issue is part of a larger spiritual and political conflict, with calls for Christians and pastors to oppose government actions.

Participants emphasized the need for unity across racial and party lines to address these issues, advocating for local politicians’ accountability and a shift in leadership.

Concerns are raised about the potential for violence in communities if these issues are not addressed, with suggestions for avoiding conflict, including unity, political action, and support for Donald Trump’s candidacy. Overall, the conversation reflects a deep-seated frustration with systemic inequalities and a call for collective action to bring about change.


Here are the key points about is what is unfolding in Chicago, according to these residents:

Economic issues: There is a concern about declining wages and jobs being taken away from communities, with blame placed on illegal immigrants. It’s argued that resources are being directed toward illegal immigrants instead of American citizens, leading to frustration and inequality.

Spiritual perspective: The situation is framed as a spiritual war, with a call for Christians to oppose the government’s actions.

Education and community representation: There are concerns about the quality of education, particularly in minority communities, and a lack of representation from local politicians. This leads to calls for accountability and ownership of communities to address these issues effectively.

Political disillusionment: Many express dissatisfaction with local politicians and the Democratic Party, advocating for unity across racial and party lines to bring about change. There is support for Donald Trump as a candidate who can restore greatness to America.

Avoiding conflict: Despite frustrations, there’s a shared desire to avoid violence or a “bloodbath” scenario. Solutions proposed include unity, holding politicians accountable, and voting for change in upcoming elections.

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