“Mercenary Activists and Progressive Marxist, Socialist, Liberals Destroying USA” El Blue Rant

College campuses across the United States have been experiencing a surge in political activism, particularly among students who are expressing support for Palestine and criticizing Israel’s actions in the region. These student activists have been chanting slogans such as “Death to America and Death to Israel” and replacing the American flag with the Palestinian flag, in an attempt to draw attention to what they perceive as a genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

However, critics of this activism, like Oscar El Blue Ramirez, argue that the students are being manipulated by left-wing, socialist, and liberal agendas to destabilize the United States and rebuild it according to their political ideologies.

El Blue sounded off in a recent short video to accuse these activists of being anti-American, and for using terms such as “white supremacist,” “xenophobic,” and “transphobic” to denigrate those who oppose their views.

Check this out:

What is going on in college campuses? Chanting that to America. Now, these college students are chanting Hamas. Hezbollah that to America death to Israel. Is it really about the genocide and Palestine? The innocent and vulnerable people are Palestine. The genocide. That’s supposedly. You guys are fighting so much against it. It’s really about that. Or is it about your own political disgusting? Marcus communists left his agenda Because this is what they are. These are mercenary activists and Progressive Marxist- communists, socialist, liberals and they want to destroy the United States of America, to rebuild it into their own Socialist Utopia!”

El Blue also highlights other issues that they believe should be receiving more attention from these student activists, including the fentanyl crisis in the United States, gun violence disproportionately affecting black Americans, and the high number of abortions each year. He argues that these issues are being ignored in favor of a political narrative that seeks to divide the country and undermine its values.

Furthermore, El Blue expresses concern about the anti-Semitic nature of some of the student activism, as well as the perceived mockery of Jesus by the current administration. He warns that the United States is in danger of being destroyed from within if this trend of divisive politics and activism continues.

And we know that El Blue is right, Ben Bergquam was told by a student at a rally, just last week that the ‘Communist movement will roll over you”:

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