From a Flood of Diversity Comes Attacks on American Institutions

No clearer evidence exists of the left and their allies’ penchant for chaos, anarchy, and discord than the footage showcasing a frenzied mob, shrieking, clamoring, drumming, and chanting in unison, all in support of a foreign faction of terrorists who are at war with America’s allies.

These uprisings on college campuses happen at a time of dire conflict in Israel, leading many to believe there is a much deeper and hidden purpose for these campus revolutions.

As seen above and below, Bergquam captured footage of a symbol of conquest, foreign flags being flown over American institutions, as seen here with a Palestinian flag over Columbia University:

Later, Bergquam shared video footage after his appearance on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, capturing a scene of tumult. In the footage, Bergquam can be seen engaging with rioters, including an instance where the discussion veered toward the origins of Christianity and grew angry and on the verge of violence:

For more context, see Bergquam’s interview with Steve Bannon on the WarRoom, where Bergquam and Bannon discuss the origins of the uprising and who is behind organizing similar actions on other American college campuses:

Ben Bergquam Reporting Live From The Sharia Supremacy Madness At Columbia University

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