Migrant Talks About Cartels Who Have Guns ‘Not Even The Government Has’ Along Mayorkas Superhighway

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, interviewed a man who was walking through the jungles of Panama’s Darien Gap on his way into the open borders of the United States, where he says he was enticed to go by people claiming that the journey would be easy.

The area where Bergquam and his associate Oscar El Blue Ramirez, also from Real America’s Voice, are traveling this week is considered a ‘Superhighway’ as described by Todd Bensman.

“New Migrant ‘Superhighway’ Bringing the World from South America to Texas. Biden diplomacy shortens infamous Darien Gap passage and increases access to fast-pass Mexican visas,” Bensman wrote, describing the work that Department of Homeland Security Alexandro Mayorkas had built to assist an easier and faster migration into the US.

Bergquam and El Blue have visited the area along with journalist Michael Yon, to investigate the reality of what the Biden administration has built and how it really impacts the people who are being enticed from their homes and set upon a brutal and hard journey to the United States.

The man Bergquam spoke with introduced himself as “Cadet from Brazil’ and told Bergquam his amazing and moving story about why he had left his homeland, where he says he had a good job, to migrate to the United States for a short time.

“I am going to find my daughter because my wife took her and left to go to the United States, and I have no reason to go there; I have a good job in Brazil. I am going to get my daughter , and then I am going back,” Cadet told Bergquam, adding details about men he had seen about “5-6 hours back’ with high-power guns “that not even the government had”, and describing how the bad guys were robbing and threatening people along the way.

Cadet was not a fan of the government or of Americans who were whining about the way things were in the United States. Cadel also said he was not impressed with the kinds of people who said that America is a racist country.

Cadet, who was obviously a well-educated man told Bergquam quite a story of what is really going on in the part of the world the Biden administration has helped develop for a “controlled flow” for a massive migration into the United States, where people from all over the world believe they will be getting to take advantage of an American that Americans have abandoned and do not care about anymore.

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