“NO!” Migrant Pleads for Others to Avoid Mayorkas Superhighway For Criminals: “It is like not loving your kids to bring them there, It is Hell”

In March of 2021, Homeland Security Secretary Alexandro Mayorkas issued a statement that he was going to focus on controlling the flow of migrants into the US. In the statement, he made it sound like he was going to make migration more accessible and not try to stop it:

“This is not new. We have experienced migration surges before – in 2019, 2014, and before then as well. However, since April 2020, the number of encounters at the southwest border has been steadily increasing. Border Patrol Agents are working around the clock to process the flow at the border and I have great respect for their tireless efforts,” the 2021 statement read.  

Exactly two years later, in March of 2023 an associate of Mayorkas admitted to US Congress that he does not have any control over the border, leading to speculation about what he is doing exactly.

CNN reported on the breakdown of control on the border:

“US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz on Wednesday said the US does not have “operational control” of the southern border, contradicting a stance previously taken by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Mayorkas has previously maintained in testimony before lawmakers that the department has operational control of the border, though he’s been more ambiguous in interviews, citing the statutory definition and saying he’s trying to “achieve it.” Mayorkas has often served as the focus of Republicans’ criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of border security.

“Does DHS have operational control of our entire border?” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, a Republican from Tennessee, asked Ortiz on Wednesday as part of a hearing on the situation along the US-Mexico border.”

Mayorkas and the Darien Gap:

From independent media Real America’s Voice and the War Room, we know that the area where the migrants are coming from was also supposedly under the control of Mayorkas; Central America is also a living hell of crime and corruption:

The death toll for Migrants trying to get into the United States is very high, as reported on Frontline America, especially in Darien Gap. Here is more proof of that fact, as reported by one migrant who reported on film making an emotional plea to other people not to attempt to make the journey through the area- on their way to the open borders of the United States:

Speaking in Spanish, a man was filmed this week saying that it is literally “Hell” to do, especially with children saying that only God saved them; they were threatened with death and robbed.

“This is death; it is death.. don’t do it,” the man said, “We had no idea bringing your kids through here is like not loving then.”

Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez, both correspondents for Real America’s Voice, were escorted by Centerfront,, Panamanian law enforcement, around the deadly jungles of the Darien Gap, investigating the details of human migration in the area that is considered a “Superhighway” from South American locations, through Central American countries.

While there, the two independent journalists reported to Steve Bannon on the War Room about a group of migrants who were attacked by drug cartels. This is the type of journalism that corporate media refuses to bring to the American people.

“We passed 800 to 1,000 people who are here in the area for migration just today,” Bergquam told Bannon. “This story is important because everything that comes through this area ends up at our borders.”

Bannon asked El Blue about the special forces protecting the border in the area, who- that day had helped groups of migrants who were being raped and robbed by drug cartels.

“God Bless Senafront the authority here; they eradicated the bad guys. All of these people were saying they were robbed and hurt. One man was killed. They neutralized one of the criminals. And Myorkas is making their job harder. These are the guys stopping the narcoterrorism that Biden’s policies are bringing through this area,” El Blue said, adding details about human trafficking and rape. The open border policies are proving these crimes. Children are being traumatized by the see crimes, and it is one after the other,” El Blue reported to Bannon about the huge group of migrants Bergquam and El Blue saw and spoke with.

Earlier in the year, the two had been escorted by Senafront to report on the situation and bring the truth to people. We covered those stories for Frontline America.

According to WIKI: “The National Border Service, also called SENAFRONT (abbreviation for Spanish: Servicio Nacional de Fronteras) is a police force specialized in the land border area and branch of the Panamanian Public Forces. Its mission is to protect Panama’s land borders and protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity and protect rights and freedoms of people, maintain public order, and prevent and investigate crimes within their jurisdictions.[1]

Created in 2008, it is the border guard branch of the Panamanian Public Forces.”

Both Bergquam, host of Law and Border and founder of Frontline America, and El Blue, founder of Border Network News, have traveled through the Darien Gap before examining the causes for people to be fleeing their homelands to get to the open borders of the United States, where Democrat Joe Biden has rolled out a red carpet for illegal aliens to bypass legal immigration, and enter the country- by force at times- overriding border control and breaking into the country with the help of Non-Government Organization (NGOs).

“They are creating this flow on purpose as the people are being brutalized. We know Myorkas had the plan to set up an easier flow and he had some assistance from drug cartles,” Bergquam told Bannon, reminding him of his reporting with the help of Michale Yon:

The build-up of migrants is working as Bergquam reported, showing the filled-up tent cities:

Migrants are often assisted in their trek by very wealthy nonprofits and NGOs , like Catholic Charities,who have gotten massive government funding to help people with provisions, and creature comforts, including promises of a new state in the United States of America.

Bergquam reported on how the UN was providing women and children with rape kits, but forgot to warn the people of how dangerous the migration was through the deadly Darien Gap.

Frontline America has uncovered, with the help of El Blue, the United Nations participating with the Global Compact for Immigration, which appears to be the central hub for the push for the nonending human migration into the US for economic migrants who have suffered the devastation of Socialism and Communism in their own countries.

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