Migrants Run Into Yuma AZ, Community Organizer Says They Are ‘Here To Stay’- [VIDEO]

Hundreds of illegal immigrants were seen running across the southern border into Yuma, Arizona- and that is a scene that is playing out all over the Southern border of the US.

Yet, so few Americans are grasping the danger of such acts.  

Fox News reported from Yuma this week:

“We saw hundreds and hundreds. I encountered just in a couple of hours migrants from 11 different countries from Georgia, India, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and even Afghanistan. And I ran into massive amount of groups of single males, which you don’t really see down at the border,” he explained.

The video was recorded as a massive migrant caravan, which at one point swelled up to well over 10,000 migrants as it set off toward the U.S. border from southern Mexico, has now broken up as Mexican officials have offered temporary visas to migrants – although organizers say they will still travel to the U.S.

Organizer Luis Villagran told Fox News that about 80% of migrants in the caravan, approximately 9,000, have received a migratory multiple form (FMM). That travel visa allows them to travel freely in Mexico temporarily.

Ventura said from his conversations with migrants that they are not worried about deportation under Title 42 and that they are “here to stay” in the United States. 

“The Border Patrol in Yuma is extremely frustrated. They say, hey, we basically feel like Uber drivers, we don’t even do any border enforcement. We do border enrollment, what they call it, just picking up migrants to get into processing centers and back and forth,” he told host Steve Doocy.

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