Moms For Liberty Attacked- AGAIN! The Violent Left Have ‘Insurrection’ Privileges [VIDEO]

Moms For Liberty, just weeks after being represented on Capitol Hill before the Weaponization of Government Committee, was attacked on Tuesday as they appeared at the Florida General Assembly to talk about their advocacy for parents’ rights and the movement they have built across the nation to defend Americans and their civil liberties.

The group’s motto, “We do not co-Parent with the Government”, is a mantra about parents protecting their children and their sovereign rights over their own children in a free society – which are exactly the reasons the violent Marxist left has tried to destroy the Mom’s group.

This week a number of Mom activists, dubbed by the national leaders as “happy warriors,” attended a Legislative Day to interact with lawmakers, and they were stalked and harassed by their political opponents.

Everything seemed to be very dignified and calm as members of the group talked to the Governor’s Club about very important issues to Florida residents:

Positive liberty-loving speakers were warmly accepted by the group leadership:

But the left was furious at the women for speaking out and went into attack mode, displaying their privilege to attack people at government hearings.

Of all things, the looney leftists screamed that they wanted to “charge” the Moms with “Genocide”.

Here is what happened:

A mob of furious, angry and violent people hurled accusations at the Moms and screamed obscenities at the women.

“How is this behavior acceptable? FL update: The mob closed in on our Moms, backed them in a corner and would not let them out. One person pushed our chapter chair @BenarrochYvette from Collier County. She is shaken up but ok. Once our Moms were safe, a man from the group was arrested. Thank you to the Tallahassee Capitol police for protecting our members.” the Moms for Liberty account tweeted out.

The left has become unhinged over the emergence of Conservative, pro-Republican, pro-America First activism and is being openly violent at government hearings, as seen in this video:

In a statement, Moms for Liberty said about the incident:

“Over 100 joyful warrior moms were at the Florida Capitol on April 18th to rally and meet with legislators. It was a great day until the mob showed up. Watch this video of the mob closing in here.

They closed in on a few of our members that were headed to the House Gallery to watch a bill be debated when a mob formed, surrounded them, backed them in a corner and would not let them out. Our chapter chair from Collier County, FL was pushed by someone in the mob.  The Tallahassee Capitol police opened the door and started pulling our moms in to safety. We are grateful for their help and protection. 

Moms for Liberty members will not be deterred, silenced or bullied!”

Moms for Leader, Tiffany Justice, did an incredible job testifying before Congress on the weaponization of Government weeks ago, possibly feeding the left’s rage:

Just days ago, Frontline America reported on a press release from the group denouncing the orchestrated attack on the group by activists and some media, calling Moms for Liberty members “extreminists” and setting a narrative that Moms for Liberty members are troublesome or even violent.

Frontline America has covered other attacks on the group members:

And we covered the following statements of one far-left Democrat activist against the group, showing that there are extreminists in the mix- and it is not the people who are talking about protecting parent’s rights:

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