More Corruption From Maricopa Co. Refusing to let Kari Lake Legal Team See Signatures After Court Order

Kari Lake, fresh off of a big court victory, says there are ‘hundreds of thousands’ of ballots that need to have their signature verified still from the Nov. 2022 election and she won a legal case to look at those ballots in her election challenge, however, Maricopa Co Steve Ricther is saying that she may not look at the ballots because he is saying that it is “for the good of people”, to deny her.

Richer disagrees with the court ruling apparently, and so Lake is not able to investigate what she calls the “smoking gun” evidence she needs for her case.

Apparently, Richer gets to pick and choose which laws to abide by.

Lake says she is not giving up and Richer won’t stop her. On Friday, in her appearance on War Room Lake told host Steve Bannon that she has new whistleblowers and that she will keep pushing to examine the one and the only safeguard there is on the mail-in ballots, which is to verify the signatures.

If it were not so scary how Democrats make up their own laws and have overthrown state and federal governments to usurp control of the American people- this story would be sort of funny:

That is-if corrupt power and control over free people can ever be funny. It is important, Lake reminded viewers on the War Room, to remember we are talking about Republicans, who are treating her this way:

It is actually outrageous-Lake and her legal team are being denied an opportunity to inspect ballot signatures after winning a legal battle that granted her the right to do just that… inspect signature verifications on election ballots.

Here are some more details:

The highest court in Arizona gave former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake another day to fight in court regarding the 2022 election that she believes she won. The Arizona Supreme Court said in paperwork filed earlier in March, the justices are granting the review of one of her seven claims.

Lake’s complaint challenges how the Maricopa County recorder applied its signature verification policies during the election. The Supreme Court said since it was a challenge of application, not the policies themselves, it could move to a trial court.

The following is a statement from the Lake legal team:

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Maricopa County REFUSES to allow Kari Lake legal team to inspect ballot signatures

On Thursday, Maricopa County refused to grant a public records request from Kari Lake’s legal team to inspect the green early ballot affidavit envelopes.

In an email to Lake’s counsel, the Maricopa County Recorders Office stated “We are writing to inform you that pursuant to A.R.S. 16-168(F) and in the best interest of the state exception to the Public Records Act, the Recorder’s Office is denying your public records request (P.R.R. #1582), which seeks to inspect the green early ballot affidavit envelopes because they contain voters’ signatures.”

The only reason why Maricopa County would deny this request for transparency is because it proves they’re corrupt. Our team knows these envelopes and signatures will show that our lawsuit meets the legal standard of proving uncertainty.

Kari Lake Released the Following Statement:

It’s said that the coverup is worse than the crime. Maricopa County certainly seems willing to test that theory.

Since I announced my candidacy for Governor, Stephen Richer and Bill Gates have done everything in their power to subvert our election process and try to defeat me. They even went as far as starting a Super PAC dedicated to destroying our movement.

Now, they’re stonewalling our efforts to review these ballot envelopes because they know the signatures won’t match. These men believe that they are accountable to no one. Not even the voters they swore to represent. This continued obstruction is making a mockery of the law and is a slap in the face to Arizonans.

This is the smoking gun that they have been desperately attempting to bury. Unfortunately for them, I’m not backing down. I will not stop fighting until the full extent of Maricopa County’s corruption is revealed for the world to see.

There are numerous problems with the leadership in the county. We now know that, from the testimony, Maricopa county has admitted they deleted election data:

We don’t know what Richer means as his reason for shutting Lake and her team out.

Richer has some media running some cover for him in a story about what he was trying to do before the election with the signatures, which is noteworthy because it looks like some sort of excuse for what he is doing to Lake.

Is this why denying Lake access to the ballots ” is for the best interest for people”? This story is still developing.

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