Salt in a Wound: Indictment Of Democrat Voters, ‘Trans Day of Visibility’

Because Democrats are sadists and do not make elected leaders pay the price for the usurpations of our American civil liberties- but rather enjoy the managed decline of the great ‘city on the hill,’ we are all in a very dark place.

Today the administration of Democrat Joe Biden issued a clear, encouraging, and positive statement about a Trans day of visibility.

With everything that is going- that is their priority today.

It feels like Democrats are people who hate Christians and liberty so much that they love and idolize anyone who pokes us in the eye. In the past, the American people would be the controlling factor for the government not to weaponize itself against the people – but now too many of them are devolved into radical Marxists, and they are demanding power for their political idols to abuse their enemies- Christians and other free people.

Why they hate freedom and liberty so much is a question for ages- but the fact is that they do hate us being free people. So- what is unfolding with the devolution of our Judicial system and federal government, and what happened Thursday is not an indictment on Trump but an indictment on America’s Democrat Voters.

They want to get Trump and get us all. The question is, how are the Democrats going to destroy our great Juedo-Christian nation?

They will be like pied pipers to lead people into committing violence.

And they will do that with a series of tactics that harm, hurt and punish people to their breaking point.

They will continue to use their positions to pour salt into our wounds.

It is so evident at this point. To hurt us, cover up for all the disasters they are causing, and create a scapegoat, the sociopath US Federal Government, led by disgraced Joe Biden, is intentionally using their weaponized government powers.

They do so knowing we are captive because our elections are a total farce, to abuse the heck out of Americans.

What the Federal Government and its alliances have planned for us is a considerable struggle session, and they are very much enjoying the build-up so far.

Enter the Transgender movement.

And here is today’s fun time moment for the masses who want bread and circuses from Biden:

After a week of devastating blows to our Judeo-Christian values with a Transgender woman murdering Christians in a church school and then a damaging impact with the indictment of our favored Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, the Biden administration wants to see the American people feel more pain.

News earlier in the week that Transgender rights activists were planning a day of violence against the American people emerged, and US reps and journalists who posted about me were censored for warning people about the details.

They called it a “Trans Day of Vengence”

And that was especially surprising because the news came after a 28-year-old trans woman went on a murder spree and was shot to death herself.

Then came the official response from Joe Biden’s administration that the victims of the day of the murder in Tenessee, in their opinions, were people who identified as Trans:

And to double down, on Friday, the Biden administration released a statement Friday in support of the Trans activists and their planned day, calling it a day of visibility:

Transgender Day of Visibility03/31/2023 08:22 AM EDTAntony J. Blinken, Secretary of StateOn Transgender Day of Visibility, the United States reaffirms that transgender rights are human rights. 

We celebrate the achievements and resilience of transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming persons worldwide.  We recognize their bravery in their hard-fought work for equality, inclusion, and the full recognition of their human rights, which continues today.

At the same time, we underscore the work that remains to ensure that all transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming persons can live authentically, safely, and with dignity. 

This work includes ensuring that all persons can secure identity documents that fully reflect who they are.  Transgender persons deserve to live free from violence, discrimination, and stigma.

We call on our partners around the globe to join us in fighting for a world in which everyone can live safely and openly as themselves and where visibility is celebrated and never attacked.

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