Moreno Wins OH! Never Trumpers and Dems United in Grief

By midnight on Tuesday, CNN projected that Bernie Moreno, endorsed by Donald Trump, would win the Republican primary for the Ohio Senate seat. Moreno’s victory sets up a showdown with Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown in the fall, a crucial race that could impact Senate control.

Despite heavy spending from Democrats to boost Moreno, Trump’s choice prevailed. Moreno emphasized his Trump endorsement and framed Brown as aligned with President Biden.

Media reports laid out the details of why this is a painful loss for the Dems and the ‘Establishment’ GOP:

“Ohio is one of three states where a Democratic senator is defending a seat in a state won by Trump in 2016 and 2020.

Democrats have all but given up on keeping Sen. Joe Manchin’s seat in West Virginia, leaving Republicans with a near-automatic pickup — enough by itself to flip the Senate if Trump wins the presidency. That will place a fall spotlight on Ohio and Montana, where Trump essentially cleared the primary field last month with his chosen candidate to take on Sen. Jon Tester.

Ohio was widely viewed as the best chance anti-Trump Republicans had of beating back MAGA forces in a Senate primary this year. Those hopes were blown up in now-familiar fashion — with consequences for campaigning and governing in 2024 and beyond.”

The primary showcased the influence of Trump in GOP races. Moreno’s victory signals a competitive general election, with both parties gearing up for significant spending in Ohio’s Senate race.

Early Wednesday morning, Fox News reported that Moreno credited Trump’s endorsement for his victory in Ohio’s Republican Senate primary. Trump’s support helped Moreno prevail over his opponents in a contentious race.

The primary was framed as a battle between Trump-aligned MAGA Republicans and traditional conservatives, with Moreno emerging as the candidate backed by the former president.

Moreno emphasized, to the media, the significance of Trump’s endorsement, stating that it was likely decisive in his victory.

Trump’s involvement in Ohio’s primary reflects his continued influence within the Republican Party.

ABC News admitted that the Ohio MAGA Victory is bad for Democrats and highlights the division within the GOP.

Moreno defeated establishment-favored candidates, including Matt Dolan and Frank LaRose. Trump’s endorsement played a pivotal role, despite lingering concerns about Moreno’s past criticisms of Trump and potential distractions.

Democrats aimed to portray Moreno as too conservative for Ohio, anticipating a competitive general election against incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown.

Trump’s influence in primaries contrasts with the challenges his chosen candidates face in general elections.

Even the left media is openly admitted that Moreno’s win underscores the strength of Trump’s support in key battleground states like Ohio, with implications for the 2024 election landscape and Senate control.

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