DHS Protects the ‘Rights’ of Illegals First, Rep. Gaetz is Troubled About it

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Involving Illegal Alien Sparks Concern Over Privacy Rights

In a tragic incident, a 21-year-old constituent of Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz lost their life in a fatal motorcycle accident caused by an illegal alien named Byron Pineda.

The accident, which occurred in Gaetz’s district, has ignited concerns over the legal status of individuals like Pineda and the potential risks they pose to American citizens. Gaetz wasted no time in addressing these concerns, reaching out to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in March to request information regarding Pineda’s legal standing in the United States.

However, Gaetz’s request hit a roadblock when DHS declined to provide the details, citing the necessity for Pineda’s consent before releasing any information. This decision has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism from Gaetz and others who argue that prioritizing the “right to privacy” of illegal aliens shouldn’t come at the expense of American safety.

In response to DHS’s refusal, Gaetz emphasized the paramount importance of protecting American citizens from potentially harmful encounters, stressing that the rights of illegal aliens should not supersede the safety and well-being of lawful residents.

The tragic incident has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding immigration policies and enforcement measures, particularly regarding the balance between privacy rights and public safety. As discussions continue, Gaetz remains steadfast in his commitment to advocating for the safety and security of his constituents, vowing to pursue further action to ensure that similar incidents can be prevented in the future.

As we have covered in the past, the Biden administration is protecting Illegals first:

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