MTG Slams The Hill Over Crimes Committed Against Her, Culprit IDed, DOJ Ignores

Tension has been rising on The Hill, with Democrats attacking US Rep Majorie Taylor Green (R-GA) during her first term serving in the US House.  The left has targeted Greene, who has also been a target of the lapdog media.

The same lapdog media who will push for mediation and entire institutions overturned at the first sign of a hate crime they think will benefit Democrats.

Mostly what people appear to hate about MTG is that she is a bold defender of President Donald J. Trump’s America First policies.

“I respect the American people far more than I respect this institution,” MTG said on Tuesday while a moment of personal privilege talking about the difficulties she has while in Washington DC.

“If you put me in a dungeon I will scream my believes from the pits of darkness,” she said in defiance to the bullying she has been targeted with.

MTG was targeted immediately by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi for resistance to wearing face masks, and she turned to the halls of Congress recently to lay out a full two years of abuse at the hands of other reps and their staff.

Democrats are furious with MTG for saying there are two genders and have been defacing her property- while she is confronted with Pride Flags that she had her staff have left unmolested.

After a year of being harassed for her sign, surveillance cameras were installed a culprit was identified and caught in the act of defacing her sign.

Remember, there are criminal charges against one man who has defaced the office and harassed and stalked  MTG- who then went on to be central in the Steven Colbert scandal as well- yet nothing has happened to him- as covered by Just The News.

On Tuesday MTG spoke for a full 30 mins about what has happened to her and slammed The Hill:

BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene Alleges ‘Crimes Have Been Committed Against Me’ On House Floor

148,856 views Jun 21, 2022 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) complains about her treatment on the House floor.


Thank you. Madam speaker. I would like to address the house and talk about how I’ve been mistreated as a freshman member of Congress and how crimes have been committed against me. They’ve been caught by the Capitol, Police, they have been sent to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice is refusing to prosecute these crimes.

This is another example of the two-tier justice system that we are living under. Right now, under the Biden Department of Justice and Democrat leadership, now, I’d like to go back to the beginning. These news articles have come out on Just The News that describe what has happened to me.

But I would like to remind the house that starting on February 4th as a freshman member of Congress, I was kicked off committees by the Democrat majority and 11 of my Republican colleagues, unfortunately. So I see Here is a member of Congress without committees representing my district. But I’ve continued to work hard.

I would also like to remind the house that on February 24th. After we had voted on the equality Act of, we’ve been debating back and forth. I had made many statements based on my beliefs based on biblical, truth, based on the beliefs of my district that I represent that there are only two genders male and female and I stand firm on that.

But yet it My Democrat colleagues across the hall, placed a trans flag across the hall from my office to apparently. Maybe Shane me for my boat that had happened. Then in response to that, I simply put up a sign outside my office responding to to the flag.

But it continued on there was also another incident on June 29th, where one of my Democrat colleagues screamed at me in the in the cannon tunnel. Yelling and screaming at me for having a mass, pull down to my chin. While I was talking on a Facebook live video.

So all of it was caught on video and then that member then went to the speaker and claimed that I had attacked her and was able to get her office move. Because apparently she claimed I was a threat to her where I was not and she was given a security detail for her protection. Then even there were 73 Democrat colleagues introduced a resolution to expel me from Congress. She know what that says?

It simply says.

That representative Marjorie, Taylor green, be and she here by is expelled from the House of Representatives giving no reason whatsoever for this resolution. But yet there is, it is sponsored by one of my Democrat colleagues and co-sponsored by 72 73. Other of my Democratic colleagues, get I’ve done nothing wrong. What else happened? Well, let’s go a little further.

I have over a hundred thousand dollars in Mass fines. And then, when I went before, the Ethics Committee on my house, on these Mass finds, four of the five Democrats on the house Ethics Committee also On this resolution to expel me from Congress. I asked them to recuse themselves and they refused therefore at that wasn’t very fair, that’s not fair treatment. Ivy. Had my character attacked on the house floor calling me, horrendous names. Horrible names, insulting names that aren’t true about me.

At all accusing me of things that I’ve never done, especially involving January 6, then there was even an effort recently to remove my name off of the ballot, so that the people of my district couldn’t even vote for me. And that came from a Democrat left-wing group that was funded by It’s I beat that in court but all of this time with all of these things happening, the media has promoted all of it and because of this, I have had nearly 60 official death threats 20

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Anyone death threats, direct death threats, direct ones and there’s a man from New York currently on trial for threatening to kill me 19 and direct threats. This is a, these are basically death, wishes and harassment and eight sexually related threats individuals that have made threats of sexual assaults against myself and members of my family.

I’ll give you a few examples in quotes. One person said I need to f’ing. Kill you. Another one said, Marjorie green should find a bullet in her head. Another one said, I can’t wait till you get raped until you were dead and another threat said, I’ll come see you and your children and it went on and on Now, all during this time, I have requested for protection saying I need help. I need protection.

I don’t feel safe in these buildings. I don’t feel safe at all and all of that has been denied. But I’ve watched many of my colleagues across the aisle in the majority party receive a lot of protection and help, but I’ve got none but just recently I want to go through some things that happen.

This sign seems to upset people so much but it’s a simple truth. That is an example of what I believe based on my Christian faith based on what the Bible says, in Genesis that God created us in His image male and female created us. And this is also, the majority belief of the people from Georgia’s 14th, 14th District. This sign has been attacked repeatedly. As a matter of fact, it’s been, it’s been attacked 11 times 9 times. It’s been vandalized twice, it’s been stolen, but there’s been a very specific series of attacks that’s happened.

And there’s seven of these January 25th, was the first report of 2022 was the first report of this type of Destruction and this is where instead of people writing on it or stealing the sign. This was where Someone decided to put a sticker on the sign with using bible verses to attack my Christian faith and covering mostly the word female.

Then the sign destruction. Continue each time we would replace it. The same thing would happen again. And I want to remind everyone. This is when our house offices, have we’re still closed to the public. So it was apparent that it was someone working as staff members somewhere in our office building.

So again, it showed up another sticker attacking my Christian faith, mostly over the word female, It has. And on February 1st 2022. Then on February 2nd, 2022. Then on February 22nd, you can put up another one, Taylor and on February 28th. So each time, the stickers were placed on the sign attacking my Christian faith. Even if I wrote something back, it didn’t matter. Another sticker would appear.

And every single attack had to do with a Bible verse and it was directed at me, maybe even saying a sticker of a picture of Jesus that said I never knew you MTG that was on the previous one.

So my staff and I we had been communicating with the house sergeant in arms multiple times but we were never getting a response and I had requested cameras multiple times but not getting any cameras until finally the house Sergeant arms came to my office and I talk to them out in the hallway and was very loud in the hallway. About my need for surveillance cameras because I have nothing to hide. I’m perfectly fine.

With all the cameras in this building, all the cameras and Longworth where my office is. I’ve myself and my staff have nothing to hide but clearly there’s other people that do. So I was demanding surveillance cameras because this entire time this had been going on at this point, it had been over a year and the person that was continually attacking the sign is also attacking me and it’s angry at me.

I did not know if this was a person that I got in the elevator with alone. I did not know if this person was someone that I may be on an escalator with passing in the hallway, passing on the stairwell. I didn’t know if this is a person that may be personally knew me, or someone I had never talked to, in my life, but what I did know, is the attacks kept coming. They would not stop. That was someone that worked in the building and they clearly hated me. And I felt I felt very unsafe. I felt my life was in danger, especially with the

Amount of death threats that I receive against myself and my family and the complete refusal. But for, from the sergeant in arms leadership to provide me with any kind of security or protection, but finally, finally, they put surveillance cameras up. And that was installed by the house, Sergeant at Arms on March 4th. But guess what additional destruction continued? It happened again on March 10, how about that? Six days. After the camera went up, the sign was attacked again. And of course against my Christian faith attacking my religion, and always making sure it was somewhere covering the word, female on the sign, attacking my gender. So the this time on March 10th, there happened to be a camera installed. So the suspect was caught on camera on March on March 10th. And again, the key he was caught on camera on March 11th. So two times in one week, he was caught. But you know what? They didn’t tell me who it was?

They refuse to tell me who this person was. They caught him on camera. They issued an arrest warrant to the Department of Justice at the US attorney’s. Office on March 15th for destruction of public or private property under the DC code. 22 33 12.01 the Aurora. But so they had caught them. They had it on video knew who it was, and they still refuse to tell me. No one would tell me who this person is. So I’m still living in fear of, who is this person? Why are they doing this? And are they possibly one of the people threatening my life.

And then to my extreme disappointment. I received a phone call from the US attorney’s office, who I thought for sure, when I got on the phone and it was a woman, I thought she might have some sympathy to what I’m going through but she let me know that the US attorney’s office is declining to to pursue any kind of to prosecute, any kind of charges against this person and they would not be following through. Even though they have it on video, they know exactly who he is.

And he’s clearly broken the law, but they didn’t want to prosecute it. And this is from our department of justice, the same Department of Justice. That is not Prosecuting people that are harassing, our Supreme Court, Justices breaking federal law. The same Department of Justice that is not keeping our border safe. The same Department of Justice that is supposed to uphold all of our federal laws.

For our country, not stopping the fentanyl crisis and Prosecuting, the same Department of Justice, it isn’t Prosecuting crime, apparently, anywhere because crime is out of control, they don’t care about crime here in this place in Congress, in the Capitol complex, but they only care about the people that definitely came in and walked around on January sixth. If you’re one of those people, they are Prosecuting you to the hilt and some of them are rotting in the DC.

Jail. Now, if you’re a republican member of Congress and someone is stalking harassing attacking your gender, attacking your religion, they dropped the charges. See that is a two-tiered Justice. Listen and I can’t imagine why we’re allowing that happens. This at the problem, here is all of the American people are paying their taxes. The Department of Justice is Single budget. But the Mentally process. Acute that matter to half the country. That’s a two-tier justice system in order to have a judge.

A system that is fair and good and one that the American people can trust, it should be a justice system. The process prosecutes crime just because it’s a crime, not based on a political party not based on. Does it match up with the ideas or policies? They agree with or the president that said the White House or whoever speaker of the house or whoever’s in leadership. It should matter that it’s a crime and they should These crimes.

But unfortunately, that’s not happening. So I did find out who this person is and it’s reported in the news. I did find out that it’s representative Jay, caution cloth, Chief of Staff. His chief of staff is the person that has been consistently attacking the sign.

Targeting me harassing me. This is a chief of staff. This isn’t like a low-level staffer. In turn. This is a chief of staff. That’s had quite a career here, working in this institution, who knows better? As a matter of fact, he fully believes that you shouldn’t harass anyone over their religion or their gender or their sex or any of these things, he definitely believes in hate crimes because previously, when he worked in another members office, when he was chief of staff and that office there was a man

The yank down their pride, flag outside their office yanked it down and mistreated. Well Tim Hysom the chief of staff at Jake Auchincloss office, who has been targeting harassing? Me was so offended at that action, that they chased he and the other staff, chase that man down the hall. They wanted the capital police to arrest him and prosecute him. They wanted him prosecuted. But yet Tim Hysom Chief of Staff or Jake Auchincloss feels, he’s completely Above the Law. And he feels and says that my sign Saying there’s only two genders male and female.

He says it’s a statement of hate and therefore, he’s entitled to attacking me for it. You see that is complete hypocrisy. That is not the way this works. Why? One above the other. It shouldn’t be. I thought in America, aren’t we? All equal aren’t all of our beliefs protected isn’t our speech protected. Why is my religion under attack wise Christianity under attack? Why is Muffin defending women and girls, privacy rights and sports.

Why is that wrong? But yet, it’s okay for him to defend the pride, flag and be angered and upset and want to arrest and prosecute someone when they attack it, two-tier justice system. This is a man that I don’t know. He doesn’t know me. I didn’t know who he was until a few weeks ago, I had no idea. I don’t and, you know, for a time I’ve been in my build at my office building, many times late at night.

Right. But I don’t go there by myself anymore because of this man right here. I don’t know if he’s one of the death threats that have called my office. I don’t know if he’s one of the people that mail in disgusting, horrible things to me in my office. I don’t know what else he would do. Because he feels he’s Above the Law and Beyond reproach. Also don’t understand why his boss representative, Jay caution cloth, still has him employed

Because I’ll tell you right now, if anyone in my office, if any of my staff were to do what he has been doing to another member of Congress, they would be fired and my staff would never do it.

Since early early on in our term, when my colleague across the hall for me, attacked me on Twitter by starting on my nameplate and turning the camera to herself where she planted the trans flag, no one in my office, none of my staff has touched her flag. Wait, because we respect her freedom of speech and her right to have it there. We would not touch it but that’s not how I have been treated.

I’ve been treated much differently, I’ve been attacked over and over and over and over. And then finally, when I got video surveillance cameras, the capital police did a great job, they caught him. They issued a warrant for his arrest and they sent it to the Department of Justice for the Department of Justice doesn’t care. Why? Probably because I’m a Republican We don’t have a republican White House. We don’t have a republican-controlled congress, so why should Republican congresswoman Marjorie, Taylor Greene matter. Apparently, I don’t matter. My safety doesn’t matter in the beliefs of my district. Don’t matter. Not to the Department of Justice. They have no interest in Prosecuting, Tim Hysome for attacking me seven times. I’m twice caught on video.

They don’t care because half of the country doesn’t care to them. Let’s go a little bit further. There’s been more things that have happened. I mean I feel like it’s almost like high school mean girl Behavior, but this is supposed to be

Progress. Well, we also had a situation on June 16th just last week, there was a certain film crew that works for Stephen. Colbert had been basically stalking me all day long going. Throughout following us around here. My staff was very helpful in putting me in the car and keeping me away from them. They ended up outside my office to my staff to Somewhere else. So I didn’t have to go there. But then now we find out that it was a certain Democrat member who’s serving on the January 6 committee who let them in the buildings and then when the capital police threw him out. It also happened to be Congressman, Jake auction, cloths, and Tim haissam staff that let the beckoned light at night.

And you know, whose office they were going to mine my office. So this is this is more Behavior where I feel, I don’t feel safe. I feel like my life is constantly threatened. I’m constantly harassed and this is no way for anyone to have to do work here.

This place should not be run like this, is this shouldn’t be allowed. Now while the January 6 committee is currently accusing, one of my colleagues representative, Barry Loudermilk of giving tours, which is a lie about him. They’re lying about. Same, he did something. He

They at the same time, we’re letting these He’s in all in our office buildings, who wrote? I, we don’t even know where all they went, but they know. And the capital police know, they were allowing them to go everywhere as if they’re doing some sort of insurrection. Why is that being allowed? Why do they get to have two hours of It always an attack. Oculus offices. But then we get accused of something horrible, this is wrong. This is your what people care about, people care about inflation. They can’t afford groceries. Mother’s can’t find baby formula women.

Can’t find tampons people can’t afford gas, people are so upset about crime. People are so upset that no one cares that we even have a border. These are the things that people care about, they don’t care about the petty, ridiculous, garb. It happens in this place. But this is what we’re dealing with. Because the Department of Justice will not prosecute any of these crimes. And it’s all about.

Out isn’t our politics disgusting. I’m so sick and tired of Politics. The whole reason why I ran for Congress is because I was upset that we’re a nation in, in debt that will never be able to repay. And I have three children and I hope to God I have grandchildren and I don’t know what’s going to happen to their lives.

I was upset because our economy is so fragile and it risk of crumbly I was upset because our nation had been shut down over a virus, and we should have never been shut down. I was upset because I feel like we have the greatest country in the world, but it’s this place that doesn’t respect it. And the American people, I respect them far more than I respect this institution because the American people work their tails off, they pay their taxes, they balance their checkbooks and they do everything they can to get by.

Here, we play political games.

We’re Chiefs of Staff who know better attacked women over our religious beliefs in about the fact that we refuse to back down. Down about there being only being two genders. So what is that going to end up being? If that is a hate, if that’s a comment of hate, am I going to end up being locked away in jail somewhere? If so you can put me in the dungeon and I’ll still scream it from the pits of the dungeon of a jail because it’s my belief and it’s the truth.

But women are under attack girls are under attack.

We have no more rights because any man that decides that he calls himself a woman can can attack us and the Department of Justice doesn’t care.

The Department of Justice Will do nothing about it. What kind of Congress is that? That aren’t we supposed to be the body that legislates the laws that creates the budget? It’s and fun. Unmanned of Justice. We’re supposed to be. But no, we’re doing things like this. So I get to go here, I’m here at work. This week. Tim Hysom is still chief of staff for representative Jake auction cloth. Representative Adam Schiff is currently on the January 6 committee right now. Wine about Republicans. Who let in Stephen, Colbert’s gang of seven, Democrat activist film crew. He still has his This committee.

This isn’t how people should be treated.

Is it right? And here’s the other thing. It’s not just me that feels this way, there are tens of millions of Americans, hundreds of millions of men.

Sick and tired of it.

It is making a mockery.

Yes, the Department of Justice refused to do anything about the BLM rioters. Their charges got dropped and everyone

I didn’t like the riots either. I didn’t like it at all. It scared me a lot but those people. Oh, they’ve been charged the Department of Justice will do that.

But they won’t prosecute this man and his boss won’t fire him. Now he gets to keep his job.

If my staff imagine had attacked my colleague across the hall, had attacked her trance plaque, I cannot even imagine what would happen to them. Not only would I fired them, they would have been arrested, they probably still be in jail and their names and their lives and every detail of their life would be spread all over the news.
People would know where they went in elementary school, they know their mom and dad. They definitely know their address. I’m sure they have their phone number.

Text message or whatever it would all be out there, but no, that’s not how it works for us and that’s a two-tiered justice system.

And the reason why I bring this up, the reason why I bring this up, this is the way that I have been treated mystery. Really, since I have come here, as a freshman member of Congress, I want to remind everyone. And arrested.

I’ve always paid my taxes. I have not broken the law. I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s the majority party that doesn’t like us.

That’s it. So I’ve been kicked off, too. Amd I’ve been routinely attacked. And I have been lied about. My character has been completely destroyed. Not only by people in here, but the media definitely helps them. I have so many death threats. I’ve had to pay for my own. Security. And now the Department of Justice. Is. When they are caught committing, a crime against me, against my gender and my religion attacking me over and over and over again. You know, something the way this place treat.

It’s the way conservatives, Republican voters and many Americans feel treated. They feel mistreated. Because this place only cares about itself. This place cares about what happens here is so disconnected to Farmers who are about to go out of business mothers. They can’t find baby formula women, they can’t find feminine products. The Border just be all those Town’s overrun. Overrun overrun. They try to help the people so much they can’t even help anymore. The crime that’s increasing the billions and billions of dollars that we’re sending over for a proxy war with Russia and some other country to protect their borders. But we

Protect our own. The American people feel mistreated the same way. I feel mistreated.

And it’s completely wrong. It needs to change.

This is a place where we should all be working together, it shouldn’t be hard for Republicans and Democrats come up with a budget that serves our country. It shouldn’t be hard for us to work together to find a department of justice that prosecutes crime.
As of members of Congress, He something we care about. It shouldn’t be complicated. How it’s complicated. It’s all complicated because of the disgusting industry called politics. Is that needs to change?

We are getting to a point one day where the American people are so sick of us, they’re sick of Congress. They’re sick of what happens here. We’re going to hit a point one day. We’re the American people will be so sick of us but they just won’t trust us anymore. And you want to know what I won’t blame them one single bit.

I yield back.

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