Proof! Steve Bannon And The War Room Have Moved The Needle On The Dems With Hispanics

“Here I am in Tucson Arizona, and everyone thinks everyone in Tucson is a liberal town, and I want to show that something is changing here,” Ben Bergquam, a frequent guest on the War Room show with Steve Bannon.

“I was sitting here waiting in line for my hotel and I ran into Raul Romero, originally out of Nogales Mexico- and now in McAllen Texas,” Bergquam said introducing a man who had a message for Bannon.

“Yes, working here in Tucson,” Romero said to Bergquam.

“And what did you tell me about Steve?” Bergquam asked Romero.

“I’m listen to Steve Bannon every day on the War Room, even when I’m in Mexico, I’ll turn him on the radio,” Romeo told Bergquam, smiling.

” Amazing,” Bergquam said

“I’m a big fan of Steve, and in the War Room,” Romero said.

Bannon has been promoting Republicans all along the Southern Border, and he has been successful in communicating to the Democrat base that they need to change their voting patterns if they want to save what they love about America.

“Amazing, what do you think about what’s happening? Now, we’re seeing a shift along the entire border of people waking up,” Bergquam asked in reference to the recent election victories for America First candidates.

“So I think my country is breaking up big time. Hopefully, you know, with Myra one victory will be another, hopefully, Monica wins but people are waking up in McAllen, you know. I wish Nogales Mexico be the same way, it’s smart down there, but the reality is going to be good here for our candidates,” Romero

“So, some people say we don’t have a border crisis. What would you say?” Bergquam asked Romero. “What is the big crisis?”

“The border is a mess, it Is a big crisis and I don’t know many people who don’t believe that you know- it is really bad. I don’t know why some of these agents have look away from the crisis.. I don’t know why they have to deny it may be because of their jobs, but it’s a big crisis,” Romero told Bergquam.

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