New Body Cam Footage of Ruby Freeman Contradicts J6 Testimony About 2020 Elections

There is new evidence emerging that busts open the Jan 6 narrative of the 2020 election. Former President Donald Trump posted about it on his Truth Social account recently. This is a huge development.

2/28/2022 Repost from The Georgia Record

Newly uncovered police body cam footage of Ruby Freeman reveal her stunning admissions that directly contradict allegations made under oath by January 6th Committee witnesses, by certain reporters and show hosts, by members of Congress, and by lawyers in sworn statements to Federal Court.

Freeman volunteers to blow the whistle on election fraud.

In the body cam, Ruby Freeman alleges a coverup by the Georgia Secretary of State, the DOJ/FBI, the GBI, and the Fulton County DA.

911 call transcript, body cam videos, and police report were obtained by Open Record Requests. From that information investigators have learned that the police report was supplemented in contradiction of the facts.

Summary of January 4, 2021 meeting with Ruby Freeman

Location: Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, Marietta, GA

Participants: Ruby Freeman, Trevian Kutti, Harrison Floyd (by phone), Garrison Douglas, Cobb County Police Officers


  • Ruby Freeman was employed by Happy Faces – a temporary agency that had been founded by Stacey Abrams. Freeman was a contractor to Fulton County, GA Elections absentee ballot department where she worked with her supervisor daughter Shaye Moss to process absentee ballots in early November 2020. In December 2020, video of the Fulton County ballot processing center operations from early November at State Farm Arena was part of a Georgia Senate Committee investigation and was publicly televised by multiple news organizations. The video showed ballot boxes appearing to be outside of normal chain of custody being extracted from under a table and processed while no election observers or members of the media were present. Freeman, Moss and Ralph Jones are seen pulling the ballot boxes from underneath the table. Freeman and Moss are seen scanning and rescanning stacks of ballots into an election computer. The unusual activities seen in the video coverage of the Fulton County ballot counting became a major focus of national attention in late 2020 and early 2021. The presidential race in Georgia in 2020 was decided by less than 11,900 votes. Investigators that reviewed the video produced estimates of unusual ballot scans estimating between 20,000 to 40,000 from the ballots under the table added to the overall vote totals after midnight November 3, 2020.
  • After the December 2020 coverage of the Fulton County election operations, we learn in the following body cam footage that Ruby Freeman met with representatives from the GA Secretary of State, GBI and FBI/DOJ in December 2020 and tried to blow the whistle on the improper re-scanning of absentee ballots and the improper access to voting computers via USB ports. She commented that what the Secretary of State and District Attorney were reporting was false and a fraud. When she met the FBI/DOJ, they did not ask her to tell what she knew and instead told her to scrub her social media. 
  • In December of 2020, a chaplain Steven Lee became aware Ruby Freeman hearing she wanted to disclose her involvement in ballot processing at State Farm Arena and was seeking legal assistance. Lee knocked on the door at Freemans home two weeks prior to January 4th, but Freeman said she did not want to speak with him because he is “old white man.” (See body cam transcript)
  • Lee contacted Harrison Floyd, who had been employed by the Trump 2020 Campaign.

Unable to travel to Georgia, Floyd asked Trevian Kutti, a publicist who was working on the Perdue re-election campaign in Georgia, to see if Freeman needed assistance.

  • On January 4, 2021, Garrison Douglas, the director of communications for the Georgia Republican Party, transported Kutti to Freeman’s house in Cobb County to offer help to Freeman. Freeman activated her ring camera to record the visit conversation between Kutti and neighbor Miss Nadine. Freeman did not answer the door and called 911. On the 911 call, Freeman states she wants Kutti to come back to her house to see how they can help her. See the January 4, 2021 Ruby Freeman 911 transcript)
  • Freeman shows the Ring video to the officer, who records Kutti’s name, phone number, and learns from Freeman that Kutti and Douglas are still close by.

The officer agrees to call Kutti to arrange a meeting that night at the police station. The body camera of the responding officer recorded the meeting that night. 

  • Based on Freeman’s unsuccessful meeting with State and Federal officials and seeing media coverage of the activities at State Farm Arena, Freeman admitted to the responding officer she was uncertain whom to trust yet determined she would meet with crisis manager Trevian Kutti along with police and by phone with Harrison Floyd. 

The Ruby Freeman 911 Call, Body Cam Admissions, and Police Report

On 4Jan21, Ruby Freeman (“RF”) called the Cobb County Police to help her arrange a meeting with crisis manager Trevian Kutti (“TK”) and her driver/witness Garrison Douglas (“GD”). On the 911 call and in person at her home with the responding police officer, RF asked for the meeting to see what help TK could provide to her, to clear her name, to report on the coverup by the GA SOS and FBI, and to blow the whistle on improper ballot scanning and improper use of USB Ports by Fulton County election employees that occurred in and after the 2020 elections.  

On the 4Jan21 911 call, RF asks the police officer to arrange to meet with TK and GD.

RF: “No, that’s why I wanted the police to come and I go outside and talk with them with 

the police being there. I’m not talking now.”

RF: “Yeah. Well yes. What I want to do when the officers come, the people said they were close. They, I want them to come back and tell me what it is they can do for me while the officer is here.”  

After arriving at Ms. Freeman’s home, the police officer was invited into her home where she expressed how she wanted to meet with TK and GD with police present.



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