‘No one Can Trust the Elections’; Mike Lindell Makes a Case for His Plan to Save America

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, began his two-day event in Springfield with a rousing and inspirational speech that took his listeners from the beginning of his passionate pursuit of justice over American elections at the White House in late 2020, as he sought a meeting with President Donald J. Trump one December day and was turned away, through cancel culture and lawsuits, to a place where he is calling all of the villainous attacked against as miracles from God.

And he prayed for transparency and truth and he celebrated with his audience that he is not alone in this passion for the truth because he has built a loyal movement.


We thank Mike Lindell for his sponsorship of Frontline America, check out what Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice said about Lindell and his My Pillow:

“You have all been so courageous to stay with us on this project, even with all of the attacks, everyone has experienced. We feel that our country has changed, and all we wanted was to question an election that we knew was not right. We wanted our First Amendment rights to say we wanted more truth about the process,” Lindell told the crowd, reminding people of the indictment against former New York Mayor and legal counsel to President Donald J. Trump, Rudy Giuliani, who was scheduled to speak at the event.

Lindell reminded people that a lot of people had been forced into being quiet about their fears of losing control over elections.

“You are the voices that give people hope that we can fix these election problems,” Lindell said, speaking to a crowd of hundreds of concerned Americans who have loyally attended his symposiums and events.

Participants in the audience say they attend to learn and to encourage Lindell as he blazes his way around the United States, meeting with people to compile massive amounts of data and proof of what they all believe- that the election was taken from President Donald J. Trump in Nov. 0f 2020.

Lindell referred to the frustrating events since the 2020 election and threats against election activists as “Miracles”.

“So let’s talk about God’s Miracles that brought us here. I know people say that these problems don’t sound like miracles, but they are miracles. And if they didn’t happen, then we wouldn’t be here today and we would have lost our country forever. We all remember the morning of November 4th. And then a miracle came on December 14th. I was out front of the Supreme Court and we were praying, and saying.. Please Supreme Court, look at the Texas and the Pennsylvania case, please hear it. Well, they wouldn’t have any of it, but if they would have, we would Lost our country forever,” Lindell told the audience, adding:

“Okay. The next miracle was the to Senate run-offs in Georgia. I was down there with our great real President, Donald Trump. I was at that rally on January 4th, campaigning for those two senators and campaigning hard because we had to get one in office. At least one to hold the Senate, but then it hit me, and I started praying and said, please, please have the evil steal them both,” Lindell said surprising the audience and that is really what the next two days will be about.

Lindell invited speakers, including a Democrat, who said that the danger of bad elections comes from both parties- from both sides.

Lindell insists that everyone who isn’t “Evil” is going to like the plan because elections are just not trustworthy for anyone, which he will reveal at 1:30 Eastern on Thursday.

Speakers after Lindell addressed the cancel culture they faced for being involved with election integrity plans and encouraged the audience not to give up yet.

“If we can’t do this and return our elections so that everyone can be confident in them, then we do not deserve this Republic,” WI State Supreme Court Mike Gableman said to an enthusiastic audience.

“Keep the faith,” Gableman said as he left the stage.

People can watch all of the speeches and events on www.FrankSpeech.com

Some participants, like Laura Loomer,are live streaming:

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