“Dems and Republicans Now Know About Cheating,” Americans Give ‘Hope Plans’ at the Election Crime Bureau Summit

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow and the Election Crime Bureau event host, recited Jerimiah 29:11 for the crowd in his opening speech- a hint of what would come from the 50-state reporting.

“I know the plans I have for you a future and a hope,” Jerimiah 29:11.

But while the activists and concerned Americans were gathered together to talk about their hope for the future, their political opponents were mocking them, as covered by Steve Bannon in the War Room:

What has the established political order so upset? It could be that Lindell and his associates were so darn Pro-American, as seen in this Jimmy Kimmel interview- which Lindell played for the audience:

The political establishment is also likely to upset that the people have a voice, and not just the government- no doubt:

It is all about HOPE:

Each state had an opportunity to present how far their state had moved ahead or fallen back on the topic of elections, which came after a segment called ‘Cause for Leaders’, where numerous American Election integrity leaders talked about their personal reasons for their entry into election activism.

Hundreds of people gathered in the main convention room or in the extensive hospitality room, where food was served, and people gathered in groups family style, took notes, and talked about how much they felt dedicated to the cause of saving the Republic.

Not surprisingly, all participants in the short documentary shown to the Summit audience shared their concerns about the 2020 Election, just as many of the activist leaders in the social areas who were sharing their inspirations for activism.

The two-day event was to unveil Lindell’s plans to save American elections and also inform each other on strategies- as well a celebration of patriotic grassroots workers- but that plan is heavily dependent on the participation of the activists who would go back to their states, equipped with new networks and ideas from other states.

There was a lot of fellowship, prayers, and social time for people who have the potential to feel sad over what they see as a loss of their country. So the Summit dragged out the bad news about elections and did it as happy warriors.

“We are never going to give up. This is our lifestyle now,” Sheronna Bishop said about her political activism.

“We want to give you a reason for hope,” Brandon Howse- a cohost of the event with Lindell- said, introducing two activists from Alabama who talked about how they influenced election legislation in their state.

Next up was Alaska.

“The hope that we have in Alaska is that people know now that there is cheating going on, and the truth is – it is Republicans that are doing it, and we want that to stop. We want a hand-counted system,” Joe Miller, the representative from Alaska, told the audience.

“Remember that in Alaska, we have Lisa Murkowski, and there are people on both sides with large groups of activists who are worried about elections. We hope in the Lord and also in the people,” Miller told Howse.

Arizona came on and talked about legislation in their state and dove into details about the certification of machines. ‘We hope to take the Republican party back,” Shelby Bush said, directing the focus of her battle with the GOP, again making the case that election integrity is a problem for Republicans and Democrats.

There are no Drop Boxes in Arkansas, and the activist said that people are demanding paper ballots. The local government is responding. There is a lawsuit to restrict the use of barcodes, which is how the machines there tally the counts. Princeton and UC Berkley are testifying that they want to eliminate touchscreen computers.

“Voter Intent can not be recorded on a touch screen machine. Ballot marking devices, you get a record of what the machine votes, not what the people voted. We need people to mark it by hand. We need the right people in the office. And we have one county that only wants hand-marked and hand-counted. That is our hope,” Will Hobbs, the Arkansas leader, told Howse.

California was next, and while the “scorecard” between 2020 and 2023 showed the state losing ground, they still had some hope and were making progress going paper. The CA activist said that one northern California ended their dominion contract and then went to paper.

Each state concluded with the concept that the people were the ones who were doing their duty to secure free and open elections were any progress was made—a valid government by the people.

And the states went on and on and gave their details. People can watch the entire event live www.FrankSpeech.com

HERE IS GEORGIA (Watch other states on Frank Speech):

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