NYC: Live Reports about Sharia Supremacists in America from Ben Bergquam

We have been warned for years that Americans do not understand the threats and the dangers we face.

In a 2021 article in The Hill by Andrew C. McCarthy, titled “30 years later, still willfully blind to sharia supremacy,” discusses the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan and the implications for women’s rights and the broader society.

McCarthy argues that the Taliban are sharia supremacists and have not changed their views on women’s rights, despite recent statements to the contrary. He criticizes Western journalists and the U.S. State Department for being surprised by the Taliban’s actions against women, arguing that their interpretation of Sharia does not align with Western notions of women’s rights.

McCarthy points out that the Taliban’s strict adherence to Sharia is not an aberration, citing the 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which states that all rights and freedoms are subject to Islamic Sharia. McCarthy concludes by arguing that the Taliban have always been clear about their anti-Western stance and that there was no reason for the U.S. State Department and the media to be surprised by their actions.

Three years ago- that was the warning that American institutions got about how backward our thinking has been on the topic of Sharia Supremacy- and based upon current events in the streets of New York City, things are worse now than ever, and we are in great danger.

And it is American students who are demanding Sharia law- whether they know it or not, according to Steve Bannon of the WarRoom:

Check out these reports from Ben Bergquam, who appeared on Bannon’s WarRoom program Monday and Tuesday to go into more detail about what is unfolding New York City:

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