Join the Fight: Rallying for Trump’s Cause in NYC!


In a passionate call to action, Ben Bergquam spoke with “Big” Gary from Staten Island, who urged Trump supporters in the New York area to join his daily protests at Collect Pond Park, across from the NYC courthouse where a trial involving Trump occurs.

“I feel like Thomas Paine,” Big Gary told Bergquam.

Big Gary is seen in the following video, emphasizing the importance of showing support and standing up against what he says in an attempt to keep Trump off the campaign trail.

Bergquam said he also believes that the real reason for the trial is to distract from the campaign trail, and Big Gary added that the forces against Trump are what he believes are the same forces who killed Democrat president John F. Kennedy.

Bergquame mentioned that the trial does not occur on Wednesdays, so they encourage people to join the protests on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Big Gary concluded by emphasizing the importance of fighting for Trump and standing up for liberty, comparing their efforts to those of the founding fathers.


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