Owen Shroyer’s Mom Calls Into Info Wars, Says Owen is a Warrior and Covered in Prayer

“He has always been a warrior,” Owen Shroyer’s Mom said about her son when she called into the War Room program on Tuesday, adding that Owen is scheduled to talk to his attorney on Wednesday, which will be his first interaction after being in Solitary Confinement.

“I have had many people I have not heard from in years who have reached out to me, which keeps me going. I know he is covered in prayer,” she said.

“The thought of him sitting there day and night and not knowing the time is something I just can not get pulled down by, so I pray. Owen is one of the sweetest men. It shocked me a bit when he did his first live; it freaked me out. But he is incredible, and I love him dearly,” she said.

Newsweek reported this week about the situation with Shroyer, the Info Wars host of the War Room:

“Donald Trump Jr. criticized the federal government this week following reports that Infowars host Owen Shroyer was placed in solitary confinement after being sentenced in connection to events at the January 6 Capitol Protest.”

“Is anyone watching how they treat their enemies? Not violent criminals, those people are treated with dignity and respect, but simply those who would speak up loudly against the regime?” Trump Jr. wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “This is dystopian behavior and the govt’s unfettered power must be put in check now!”

The post by Trump Jr. came in response to a report that Shroyer was placed in solitary confinement for a second time after beginning his 60-day jail sentence last month. Shroyer was charged with the use of loud, threatening, and abusive language and engaging in disorderly or disruptive conduct during the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

Shortly after he was sentenced, Shroyer was placed in solitary confinement at a Federal Correctional Institution Oakdale in Louisiana due to COVID-19 intake policies. However, when he was released from his first stint in solitary confinement, Shroyer posted an audio message on social media which prompted jail officials to place him back in solitary confinement, according to reports on social media.

Fans of Shroyer’s have been holding vigils for him since he went back into solitary confinement. To their surprise, the guest hosts of Shroyer’s show received a call from Owen’s Mom this week and had a chance to hear from her about what the show of support meant to her:

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