Kari Lake Goes Viral, Pulverizes Smug Media Circus, and Showtime Ends Broadcast With a Whimper

US Senate Candidate Kari Lake had a master class in how to handle the smarmy establishment media by staying on point and also mopping up the floor with two of the most smug and devious “reporters” on cable “news” programs.

The interview started with a bang with one arrogant reporter and ended with a whimper with the same reporter pouting off, possibly in tears.

Out of the gate, Lake goes for the ‘eye gouge’ and sends the guy reeling back, trying to find a safe place.

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Lake asked the reporter.

“I am . I am a Grinder, I have lots of jobs,” the guy responded to Lake with a deep, hostile snark.

However, Headline news on Monday was that his Clownshow gig was over, so he may not have been truthful there:

“Showtime is pulling down its Circus tent,” The Hollywood Reporter announced, adding:

“The Nov. 12 episode of The Circus, the political docu-series fronted by John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon, and Jennifer Palmieri, will be the show’s last. Launched in 2016 to follow that year’s presidential campaign, The Circus ran for eight seasons and 130 episodes as it chronicled the ins and outs of the Trump administration, the 2020 presidential campaign and election, and the current Biden administration.”

Now, that is pretty funny. Aren’t Biden’s “81” million voters keeping up with the Showtime show?

As seen in the video clip below, Lake met with two Showtime clowns who lost their sense of humor very quickly after Lake refused to let them treat her like garbage. It was obvious that the two men had an agenda as they tried to frame her as being a whack job, yet Lake stuck to her platform and talked about the concerns of the American people she had been interacting with.

The video is uncomfortable to watch at times because the two men are so humiliated by Lake, and their anxiety and embarrassment grow more and more complex as the video goes on.

What started as one reporter, with a massive chip on his shoulder, mocking Lake ends with the man scurrying off, whining, talking about how he was intimidated by her shaking his hand and “touching” him.

Lake posted the hearty clip of her being ganged up on by two reporters as they showed that they were spinning out of control, trying to make Lake look little and foolish.

One reporter, who has tried to sting Lake before, actually stood over her, trying to intimidate her and make her retreat from her talking points, and Lake just hung in there and beat them both badly, making them look like circus clowns in a three-ring circus.

Lake stuck to her agenda, which was to defend the American people and represent our concerns to a haughty elite bunch of control freaks.


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