PART OF THE PLAN: Chinese Nationals Detained on Border-Here is why Democrats Don’t Think There is a Problem

The United States is a member of the United Nations Migration Compact so what we are seeing at the US Border with Mexico is alarming to people who believe our country is sovereign and we are being invaded. Alternatively, reports of hardships seem to all be JUST part of the plan to those who know about the United Nations agreement and understand the planned transformation of the United States will come with some ‘hicups.’

That is why there are so many people from China coming into the United States, as seen in this quick video clip:

According to Griff Jenkins, who reported for FOX News: “cameras were rolling as more Chinese nationals illegally cross into the RGV sector this morning… this group of 5 would not say how much they paid to smugglers. The RGV sector seeing a more than 900% increase in Chinese nationals since last year….”


Some people understand that we willingly entered into a global agreement when Democrat Joe Biden joined the United States to third-world nations and the United Nations.

And part of that agreement, pro-migration activists admit that what they want is an ongoing and never-ending migration, with migrants moving “regularly,” and they know that being a part of this compact is not legally binding; it is just based on the hopes and dreams to transform the population of the United States.

So the world is full of roaming gypsies. So romantic and cool, but that is not a concept that helps America. And there is no upside for us or insurance that we will benefit at all from the offer to allow humanity to come and run back and forth through our country.

Many Americans don’t understand that Barack Obama entered the US into the United Nations Migration plan during his reign, President Donald J. Trump removed the US from the compact, and then Joe Biden returned the US back to being submissive to the United Nations.

In 2018, when Trump was president, the United Nation and the world’s left were openly in revolt against the United States over the America First leadership of Trump and the Republicans.

You have to read what they are talking about to understand that their mindset is not at all the same as our.

Alice Thomas reported for the UN on December 10, 2018 in her screed against Conservatives and those who want to preserve America’s national security by denying a wide open gate to the USA, for people to move through, back and forth:

The issue of migration has been politicized and become a political flashpoint.

Unfortunately, certain right-wing, political parties in some of these countries have been successful in misleading the public regarding what the compact is, and what it seeks to achieve which is to promote cooperation among countries of origin, transit and destination to ensure that migration is safe, regular and orderly.

Ultimately, however, that a handful of countries may not come to Marrakesh should not detract from the fact that over 180 nations will, meaning the compact has received overwhelming global support.

What is unique about this is that countries that are withdrawing are doing so despite the fact that (a) the compact is non-legally binding, and (b) all of these countries (other than the U.S.) participated – presumably in good faith – in the 18-month process to negotiate its terms, yet are now not supporting it.

How effective is the compact if its implementation is only voluntary?

The compact will only be effective if countries move forward with its implementation. However, what is important is that the compact’s 23 objectives embody a comprehensive set of best practices for managing migration in a safe, orderly manner which requires the cooperation of countries of origin, transit and destination.

The concept of refugees has evolved. There are over 258 million migrants today (that is 1 in 30 people) most of whom migrate for economic reasons, to gain skills, to fill labor needs in countries of destination, and to support their families and communities back home through remittances.”

People like Alice Smith see a beautiful utopia of humanity sharing equally and loving each other gracefully.

That might be why they are not at all alarmed at what America First proponents are seeing unfold with these shocking escalations of migrants coming into the US from countries like China.

China is coming to the United States with the understanding that the country is a member of UN Global compact, so they can expected to be treated as top guests.

Check out what the agreement is about:

What is the Global Compact for Migration?

With the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), Member States committed to making migration work for all.

The GCM is the first-ever intergovernmentally negotiated UN agreement on a common approach to managing international migration. 

With this comprehensive approach, Member States aim to facilitate safe, orderly and regular migration, while reducing the incidence and negative impact of irregular migration through international cooperation and a combination of measures put forward in the GCM.logo


Why a Global Compact for Migration?

Migration is a global reality. There are an estimated 281 million international migrants worldwide, and the majority of migrants around the world today travel, live and work in a safe, orderly and regular manner. Nonetheless, migration undeniably affects our countries, communities, migrants and their families in very different and sometimes unpredictable ways.

On 19 September 2016, Heads of State and Government came together for the first time ever at the global level within the UN General Assembly to discuss issues related to migration and refugees.

In adopting the  New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants:


They committed to elaborate a Global Compact on Refugees and to adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), in two separate processes. The two Global Compacts, together, present complementary international cooperation frameworks that fulfil their respective mandates as laid out in the New York Declaration, which recognizes that migrants and refugees may face many common challenges and similar vulnerabilities.

What does the Global Compact for Migration offer?

The GCM offers a cooperative framework, comprising 23 objectives, implementation, as well as follow-up and review. Each objective contains a commitment, followed by a range of actions considered to be relevant policy instruments and best practices. To fulfil the 23 objectives, Member States commit to draw from these actions to achieve safe, orderly, and regular migration along the migration cycle.

The economic upside for the immigration profiteers is in the billions of dollars moving people back and forth around the globe and causing mass migration.

And where is the peace and love happening? Nowhere. People are miserable at seeing their homelands destroyed.

The left and their childish and unsafe utopias cause chaos on purpose and Americans to need to join the ‘Army of the Awakened” and protect their families.

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