USURPERS: Influx of Chinese Illegals at Border, CCP buys up Land and Plans Massive Battery Manufacturing Scheme

The Democrat’s utopia is upon us, and here is proof of the perfect setup for the last usurpation of the United States of America by force and deceit and all planned out by Global overlords. Border control is reporting that illegal migration is up over 900% for Chinese nationals coming into the United States of America- hold that thought.

And it happens at the same time a number of American communities are reporting that CCP-backed businesses are buying up essential land and starting an essential business that Americans have been denied access to doing themselves.

Residents in one small town in Michigan are furious this week at the elevation of a CCP-owned manufacturing hub. One resident appeared on Fox News saying that “We can see the handwriting on the wall”:

Here is the question- when the Chinese Communist Party buys up land for their manufacturing, do they have to abide by the death grip policies of the EPA regulations for battery plants? And do they have to hire Americans to work at their plants, and what exactly are the protections and proof that we will have that the CCP’s manufacturing will have oversight by US national security?

Will they be making defense products while they are here and will they have access to classified information as leaders in the battery manufacturing business?

Consider what happened this week: reports were that the UN-sponsored open border of the United States were allowing a massive influx of illegal ‘migrants’ from China to pour into the US, as reported by Frontline America on Monday:

As we pointed out in the above article, thanks to the Obama/Biden Global Compact that President Donald J. Trump wanted the US out of, there is not a lot of legal authority to the compact. So does that mean that migrants do not need to abide by the laws of the country they are migrating in and out of – and all around?

Because we now have the CCP in the United States illegally. So where does the right of the laws of the nation enter upon the people who are in their host countries illegally?

Notice -It is all happening at the perfect time for the elevation of CCP manufacturing in the United States.

According to Fox News, something very strange is going on:

Communities in rural Michigan are revolting against a decision to allow a Chinese-owned firm to build a battery plant in the area, according to footage of a recent Green Charter Township board meeting obtained by conservative outlet The Midwesterner.

More than 100 residents of Green Charter Township and Big Rapids in rural Mecosta County, Michigan, showed up to the March 14 meeting to voice concerns over the presence of the Chinese-owned company, Gotion Global, amid growing concern over national security issues related to China.

“The thing that drives some the most crazy about this is that this is a Chinese-owned company. A Chinese-owned company is a communist company. Why would you bring a communist company to Big Rapids, Michigan, when we have troops mobilizing right now to fight China?” one resident, who identified himself as an¬†Iraq War¬†veteran, told the town’s board members.

“Why would we invite the enemy to come spy on us? All the things on here are bad, but the thing that drives me the most nuts is that it is our enemy, not the Chinese people. I have nothing against the Chinese people because they suffer under the same communism that you all are trying to bring here. It’s disgusting.”

Other residents echoed that sentiment, warning against giving China the opportunity to reach its “tentacles” further into the U.S. and arguing there should be “American companies on American soil.”

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who lost to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last year, has been one of the sharpest critics of allowing a Chinese-owned company to build in Michigan.

“The residents who spoke out against the Big Rapids communist Chinese battery plant were clear, focused, and on point. Township leaders would do well to listen to them and heed their concerns. National security over the promise of jobs!” she wrote on Twitter following the town meeting.

“I stand with the residents fighting back against having a 700-acre Chinese battery plant in their backyard that could easily double as a base for spying on Americans. No Gotion in Michigan!”

Michigan lawmakers also approved $585 million in funding from the state to go toward the building of the plant, along with two others, that would produce electric vehicle batteries. The plant was approved for construction by a state economic development board and was originally supposed be constructed on land in both Big Rapids and Green Charter Township.

Last month, Gotion put the planned construction in Big Rapids on hold after the town board unanimously voted days earlier to request a federal review for any potential national security risks associated with having a Chinese-owned company in the area, according to a report by The Detroit News.

Earlier this month, the company said the plant was “not a done deal,” citing the pushback from local residents.


This news breaks as the US House Oversight Committee exposes that Democrat Joe Biden and his crime family have deep and long ties into assisting Chinese CCP owned companies get access to the United States – from as far back as his days with Barack Obama:

Watch as Chairman James Comer talks about it:

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