‘Pride’ Chronicles: Sexualized Drag Dances For Kids, Debasing The Pride Of Children, Attacking Black Man

What are Marxists grooming American children to be? Willing victims of crimes- perhaps?

Tayler Hanson and @AldoButtazzoni attended a Pride Month event in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday night, and what they uncovered there smacks of the managed decline of American society.

What they reported on where children who were being exploited and abused, where guilty bystanders watched and made excuses, and where the Civil Rights of a Black man were completely disregarded to promote what is very similar to the foreign culture of an undeveloped third world- and there is no law enforcement to protect any of them.

“We saw one couple who had brought their infants to the gay bar for this drag queen show,” Hansen told me on Sunday morning, after a long night of digesting the unsettling scene he observed the night before.

According to Hansen’s eyewitness observations- American boys and girls are forced to accept an image of themselves and their sexual identity as being homosexual and transgender, that was forced on them by their caregivers. (That is what is being called Grooming)

“These kids are being be-personed. They are being told they are something they are not and forced into it by their parents, who want attention for having a trans or gay kid.  It was obvious some of the kids there had been conditioned to be so excited about the event.  I saw one young girl who was there with two adult women who was especially excited about giving the drag queen money,” Hansen told me.

Hand and I agreed America has hit peak “Marxist Transformation”:

“I saw one boy, about nine or ten, who was keeping himself busy playing his DS and his Rubic cube, and heard him say to the server that he was not gay, when his Mother corrected him and told the server that the child was- in fact-gay. I feel like these parents were doing this because it was the new and hip thing to do- to have gay and tans children,” Hansen said.

Here is Hansen’s eyewitness reporting:

“It was the worst event I have ever covered. Hansen told me that I would rather cover Antifa again and get sprayed than cover this kind of story. “I have to believe some laws were broken here with the exploitation of children. It was hard to watch people serving alcohol in a gay bar around the heads of children, right over the head of that kid- right in front of them, with walls covered with posters that read ‘Lick Me’. There were about eight to nine children, and I observed one child who was not comfortable or interested in being there, ” Hansen told me, pointing out that the drag queen danced in front of a sign that read- ‘It is not going to lick itself’:

“I talked to one woman who was trans, who identified that what was happening at the bar was called Grooming, but she also said she didn’t mind it. When I talked to the people standing outside the event and asked if the patrons were ok with what was going on with the children, none of them would answer me. They just looked into my eyes and stayed quiet,” he said.

Here is teaching children how to dance like a drag queen:

Andy NGO reported on the dancer:


When Barack Obama, a Marxist Community Organizer said, as President, he was going to ‘transform America’ and then opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood to usher their culture into the United States of America- it was difficult for many people to understand what he meant because they had been protected so long from the horrors of exploitation of human beings in the Arab world.

This is exploiting American youth, and where we stand currently in American society- this is acceptable, it is a ‘Pride Month’ activity:

Back then,  little did many people know how the Marxist left would use the open gateway to destroy the foundation of America’s liberty and freedom- but people should understand these things by now.

Now it is ok to openly deny people entry, and then assault people, in the name of “pride month”.

Many of the things we are uncomfortable with within American society today are a result of Obama’s Arab Spring. Including the sexualization of very young American children, and people are helpless to stop any of it.

What do people mean when they use the word “Groomer” these days? After two years of uncovering how the left is forcibly sexualizing school children- in a multi-pronged attack on their innocence- it should mean people who are willing to erode the tenants of Western Civilization that deal with protecting that innocence of childhood.

And Antifa style demonstrators attacked a Black man for walking down the street, to defend revolutionary ‘Pride Month’:

But honestly, everyone is grooming their children to be something, right? That is how the left will attack the right’s defense of innocence.

Americans were at one time grooming their children to follow laws, respect the American flag, get a job and raise a family.

Now we are here:

And the left said ‘STOP DOING THAT’, it is unfair and they set out to groom our children to do something else and said that we were racists for our traditional values.

On the right, people value Christian concepts about children, which the left hates:

And the transformation of America was in full swing- and the American Democrat voter has made it their life’s mission to destroy America from within, for the way we were raising our children.


It could be because the left are pedophiles, it could be because they have ‘Peter Pan syndrome’ and don’t want to grow up, it could be because destroying our children- and family unit- is the best way to cause chaos and get ahold of America’s vast resources and redirect American greatest into their own pockets.

Take your pick.

We know that critics of Western Civilization are against adulthood. Consider this, “Representation of childhood in modern western culture is based on seeing children as flawed and needing to be shaped into adults. The child is seen as failing to be an adult and therefore represented as inferior and cannot be trusted to unfold correctly on her own.”

Marxists want to control the resources so they can keep them all for their themselves, and let’s face it- some people are tired of ignoring their impulses to rape children.

Proponents of Western Civilization want to stop all three and there you see the difference between left and right.

Think about this:

What is the legal definition of ‘Child Abuse’? “Child Abuse has been defined as an act, or failure to act, on the part of a parent or caretaker that results in the death, serious physical or emotional harm, Sexual Abuse, or exploitation of a child, or which places the child in an imminent risk of serious harm.”

This story by Hansen, who was courageous enough to embed himself into the event to bring us the details is so much more complex than clickbait.

We need to pause and deeply consider where we are going from Hansen’s courageous coverage of these events.

I am reminded of the shocking 2010 video for Frontline about the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, where Americans were confronted with a culture that did not value protecting the innocence of childhood. People were deeply upset by this story, 12 years ago, and how closely we now resemble this culture.

Think about it:

How far away are we from this: Boys are made to dress as girls and dance for men- and are often sexually abused and raped.

So think about it… what are the left grooming American children FOR? And is it setting them up to be the victims of crimes?

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