Forgotten USA! Bergquam Explains Intentional Managed Invasion At The Southern Border-Douglas AZ

Ben Bergquam has spent a huge amount of time reporting live from the Southern Border between the US and Mexico and – with an extensive set of networks with residents on both sides of the border, and with law enforcement- he has been one of the very few courageous reporters to show the chaotic mess that Democrat Joe Biden is causing for the country with “open borders” policies.

And his associates from Border Network News are the other few brave souls out doing the hard work- the lapdog media won’t do.

“This is the forgotten part of the United States, these small towns. No one is reporting on what Joe Biden’s and Mayorkas’s policies actually do to them,” Bergquam said to his associate Anthony Aguero for Border Network News. (Follow Anthony Aguero on Twitter at @RealAnthonyAguero)

On Sunday the host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border posted a live update about his location- to his GETTR account. (Follow Ben Bergquam on at @BenBergquam)

“There are NGOs who are benefitting from this and selling our rights to the Cartel, so this is Treason,” Ben said to viewers.

Watch as Ben describes what the situation is at the border, from Douglas AZ, and how the number of people working there in law enforcement impacts security for Americans:

“No one is reporting on how the Cartel is controlling these areas and how the Biden invasion is destroying these small communities,” Bergquam said.

“Because of how far away the Border Patrol agents are from each other about 200 are passing through this area, jumping over this wall,” Berquam said.

Ben was joined by an associate and close friend Anthony Aguero for Border Network News, who also posted on social media about the same area, on Sunday.

“We are investigating the smaller towns and finding out how they are being affected by the invasion,” Aguero, also pointed out how far in between posts the Border Patrol agents are located.

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