Promises Broken: Biden Totters Off As Reporter Asks About COVID Measures

Democrat Joe Biden gathered up a bunch of voters on his promise to end COVID, and almost one year since he took power, Biden’s promises are being shown to have never come to fruition. COVID, according to the powers in DC- is not going away and they are signaling that everything may be getting worse, leading to more invasive control measures.

“Joe Biden is speaking live now from the NIH headquarters regarding the new “Omicron COVID-19 variant” and the winter season ahead. Biden begins speech by jokingly referring to Fauci as the President of the United States,” a poster on Twitter poster known as Suburban Black Man, wrote.

‘We need to be ready’ — Biden said at a recent press conference, as he unveild COVID-19 plan just omicron arrives ahead of winter. 

Just in time for the Winter, Joe Biden recently announced that there is a new COVID danger! And few people are remembering that Biden ran on ending COVID.


One person remembered, a reporter.

A poster on Twitter posted a quick video clip showing Biden smirking at what sounds like a large group of reporters, gathered for a press conference with Biden, who walks off awkwardly while a reporter shouts, what happened to your promise to end COVID?


Rob Denton, who posted in response to the video clip, posted that Biden was “Tottering”.  Denton is right. Biden was tottering.

According to the Oxford Dictionary:
1.tottering>Learn to pronounce
(of a person’s steps) feeble or unsteady.
“she swayed on her feet and took a few tottering steps”

2.(of a structure) shaking or swaying as if about to collapse.
“all that was left of this historic building were sections of tottering, smoke-blackened walls”


Biden, his administration, and the Democrat Party are using COVID as a cover for everything they want it to cover, and there seems to be no limit to how they will exploit the virus.

As Buzz Patterson pointed out in a recent Tweet, the party appears to be out of touch with the people.

Just The News reported this week about Biden’s newest executive demands- showing a total overreach as a push for more vaccine:

President Joe Biden unveiled a new set of executive actions to address the Omicron variant Thursday, though how serious the threat of the variant will be remains unclear. Biden gave an address from the White House Thursday where he urged a nationwide effort to up vaccinations and booster shots for Americans. The administration said it will extend the mask requirement for domestic flights to March 18 while increasing restrictions on inbound international travelers, requiring they receive a negative COVID test within 24 hours of departure. Senior administration officials said pharmacies will send millions of texts and emails as well as make phone calls telling Americans to get the booster. They also said the AARP is working with the administration to urge seniors to get vaccinated and that Medicare will send a notice to 63 million seniors encouraging them to receive the booster shot. According to the administration officials, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) “will start paying healthcare providers to talk to families about the importance of getting their kids vaccinated.”  

So Biden’s promises to get more people vaccinated has come to pass, but not anything else, except that we can expect a difficult winter.  He did promise that.

Americans should not expect a dynamic speaking tour with Joe Biden boasting about keeping his promises to the American people.

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