PT. 1, Exclusive Report From Proud Boy DC Trial, ‘The FBI are creating the crime and then trapping people in the crime’

Well-known DC activist Suzzanne Monk, the founder of reopen America, is a one-time professional comedian who is married to a musician. Now Monk, a free speech advocate, spends her time on making America better and has spent a great deal of energy working on her dream to restore liberty in the United States of America. That work has led her to many relationships with other liberty warriors- such as the Proud Boys, who say they are a drinking club with a patriotism ‘problem’.

Unfortunately, now the Proud Boys are facing a variety of charges at the hands of an out-of-control government, including Seditious Conspiracy, from what happened on Jan. 6th.

Monk has started something she calls “Operation Yellow Ribbon” campaign to remind people of the Jan. 6th defendents and the consequences of the weaponized government that left, including the violence that she saw in the government’s footage of the Capitol Police shooting people, and leaving pools of blood.

David Sumrall, the founder of Stop Hate is an official investigator for one of the defendants and has seen the 14,000 hours of film. Sumrall posts from his vast understanding of what happened that day from his own investigations and from the Government footage. He also posted about the lethal force used against the rally attendees:

It is easy to see what has shaken Monk.

She reminds her audience that the government plans to arrest more rally attendees from the 6th, so the urgency for this trial increases, as more people will be facing charges when it is over.

Monk tells her audience that she is protesting the use of rubber bullets- as unnecessary deadly force, that was used against many of the rally attendees that fateful day. That is one sticking point with her, as she sits in trial and gathers evidence.

She plans to attend every day of the trial where she will get a peak at the 14,000 hours of footage the government has refused to let people see until now. “We want Kevin McCarthy to get that footage released because what we see on that film shows a totally different story than we have been told up until now,” she said.

“We want the government to be a 100% representative Republic again,” Monk says in her video. “The government created an ambush situation on the 6th. There were bike racks or a barricade and they were across the pad, so people could walk across, and there were no Capitol police there, and that was called Breach one. Then they moved the racks and then they let people into what I call the kill zone, and then they started spraying pepper spray and got aggressive, and then they fired on the crown and the officers fired deadly force. We saw it in the videos. which was presented in court, and then the crowd got angry- but they were just yelling at the cops and then the cops engage in a way and started a scuffle. Then Capitol Police sprayed people and created the situation,” Monk said about what she say in court.

“We are still in the prosecution testimony, but the Defense team testified that Tarrio was trying to set up a BBQ together with BLM, to show that there was not a conflict with other groups at the time,” Monk added about the interpersonal dynamics of the Proud Boys and other groups.

Monk talked about the motivation for shooting Ashli Babbit, likely being one to get more people to engage to violent insurrection. “There are other people who believe that was the purpose of killing her,” she said.

Monk has a lot of understanding about the proud boys who stand trial in DC for Sedation:

Monk with Proud Boy friends from 2019 at March for Life in DC- Facebook

Here is the indictment: HERE

Monk, as we reported here on Frontline last year, was the first person to talk to her congressional associates about the inhumane conditions the J6 defendants were being held in, which she gathered from personal conversations with the men in the first days of their imprisonment:

Monk is reporting for Frontline America on the historic trial and gave a quick update and then a longer report on the last three trial days :

Shorter version:

Longer version:

Monk described her friendship with the Proud Boys, the situation that is unfolding in court, her understanding of the charges, her reaction to the testimony she heard on Wednesday, and how evidence was planted on the Proud Boy leader by two FBI agents, who are the ones who introduced a plan to violently infiltrate the Rayburn building on Jan. 6th.

“The pace is going well; things seem to be going well. The Defense is doing well. They have pushed for a mistrial; they have called the government out. Pray for the prosecution to fall on their faces,” Monk said.

The Epoch Times reported earlier in the week with more details about the trial, including how the defense alleged that manufactured evidence had been planted on Enrique Tarrio to frame him and other Proud Boys defendants in a court filing saying there was Court filing alleging “outrageous government misconduct” with key documents.

The most damning piece of evidence in the trial of five members of the Proud Boys was created by the U.S. intelligence community and planted on defendant Enrique Tarrio to frame him and others for alleged Jan. 6 crimes, an explosive defense motion alleges.

Filed on Feb. 10 by an attorney for Proud Boys defendant Dominic Pezzola, the motion asks U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly to declare a mistrial due to “outrageous government misconduct.”

The controversy surrounds a document titled “1776 Returns” that federal prosecutors contend is a blueprint for the Proud Boys to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. That document was messaged to Tarrio, although defense attorneys say there is no evidence he opened, read, or forwarded it.

‘Government-Created Scheme’

“It appears that the government itself is the author of the most incriminating and damning document in this case, which was mysteriously sent at government request to Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio immediately prior to January 6 in order to frame or implicate Tarrio in a government-created scheme to storm buildings around the Capitol,” defense attorney Roger Roots wrote in a seven-page document filed with the court.

Charged in the case are Tarrio, Pezzola, Zachary Rehl, Ethan Nordean, and Joseph Biggs. The Proud Boys defendants are on trial in the U.S. District Court in Washington, accused of seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct official proceedings, obstruction of official proceedings, and conspiracy to prevent certain federal officers from performing their duties on January 6. Tarrio, Rehl, Nordean, and Biggs face nine criminal counts, while Pezzola is charged with 10.

The trial is about to enter its fifth week in Kelly’s courtroom.

Monk is planning on taking her yellow ribbon campaign to Congress- like she did with 2000 Mules movie, as we covered:

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