‘Most Dangerous Place in Colombia’ Looks Like San Francisco or Other Democrat Hell Hole

Real America’s Voice correpondant and host of Law and Border, Ben Bergquam, is exploring the origins of the disastrous human migration which is destroying many central and Southern countries, as well as impacting the United States of America.

On a recent trip to Colombia with his travel partner Oscar El Blue Ramirez, also a Real America’s Voice correspondent. Together then two took a drive with a Spanish-speaking Taxi driver in Bogota, Colombia, to discuss the dangerous increase in crime caused by the migration of illegals who are fleeing the terrible consequences of Socialism from Venezuela.


Bergquam and Ramirez talked to a cab driver about what he season the job, and what he believes is the real problem with prostitution and the increased drug crimes that comes with it- which is the young people who are being exploited.

The driver says that the migration is causing bad people to come into his country and set themselves up to committing crimes as a way of life.

And Bergquam makes the point that what he sees doesn’t look much different from what it looks like in San Franciso California right now.


El Blue interpreted what the driver said in Spanish, blaming “illegals” for bringing crime to the area because they do not have permission to work, so they are left to coming crimes.

Bergquam isn’t wrong about how observations that the Democrats in San Franciso are ruling like third-world politicians in Bogota and creating a similar mess in the United States of America.

Consider this recent article from Fox News:

“California cities rattled by prostitution, human trafficking in broad daylight as cops pin blame on new law. Police warn prostitution will bring other crimes ranging from robberies to shootings.”

According to Fox News they have a growing crime problem and the Democrats want to make it easier for more people to commit more crimes:

Women wearing thongs in broad daylight on street corners, pimps following mothers taking their kids to school, and prostitutes twerking at traffic have become common scenes in California.

Local leaders claim human trafficking and prostitution are rampant in the Golden State after a new criminal justice reform that its author said aims to protect transgender women from being unfairly targeted by law enforcement.

“It’s absolutely out of control and dangerous — not just for the sex workers but for the community,” San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen told the San Francisco Chronicle this week.

A road in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District has become lined with prostitutes and pimps, prompting city officials to install barricades as residents sound off that not only do they feel less safe – especially at night – but that they are worried about the women working the streets. 

“From the window right there, I’ll see three [people] ganging up on a girl,” one San Francisco resident told the Chronicle while pointing toward a bay window that overlooks an intersection. “They’ll be hitting her.”

“I call the cops; no one comes. There’s nothing I can do,” the unidentified woman said.

The issue isn’t isolated to just San Francisco, with other major cities such as Los Angeles and Oakland reporting the same.

“Under Democratic rule, families and businesses are moving out, while human traffickers are moving in,” Gallagher added. “It was clear from the get-go that this law would encourage and enable human trafficking, but that was apparently an acceptable result for the lawmakers who backed it.”

The original bill was introduced by Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, who argued it will protect transgender women whom he said are disproportionately targeted by police.

“[The previous law] allowed police officers to arrest a person, not based on what they did, but based solely on how a person looks,” Wiener recently told KGO-TV. “So, an officer could arrest someone because they were wearing tight clothing, high heels and extra lipstick.”

Bergquam was right, check out this independent footage from another source:

San Francisco has an epidemic of drug abuse as well which has been increasing due to the open borders policies of Democrat Joe Biden as seen in this video.

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