PT, 2 and 3, Unbelievable Conclusion and Interview with Illegals and their Cartel Guide

Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, exposed a real problem as it was unfolding in New Mexico, where he was able to videotape an interview, and the pursuit by border control, of a group of illegal aliens crossing the border into the United States.

Bergquam was in an area where he could scan numerous groups of illegal aliens and the debris they left behind after meeting with their crossing guide, as he focused on groups of 5-15 young men.

The guides, likely all cartel members, took the other men over the mountains and showed them how to evade law enforcement, on where to run and hide, or which direction to run in to escape, even though a tiny group was apprehended by border control, as Bergquam showed.

As Bergquam discovered, those crossing admitted that they were paying their guide a large sum of money for the guide service, showing the financial benefit of Biden’s open borders to the Cartel.

And what is even more frustrating is that the US House of Reps earmarked taxpayer funds to solve this problem years and year ago, and in the end the money was just thrown away- the construction on the wall was ended, and the area is not at all secure- as Bergquam shows.

In a recent three-part series of videos, Bergquam showed his discoveries that the corporate media refuses to address, which are:

1) Those who are crossing the border do not care about the issues that are most important to the leftists who are helping them cross illegally.

Cartel members are escorting groups of illegals.

3) Nonprofits are making illegal trips over the border possible with their enabling and assistance.

4) There is no border security that is working to protect the United States from a multipronged plan to get illegals into the US.

Bergquam found the illegals as they were walking along a highly trafficked path along the mountainous area of Mount Crisco Rey. This area was supposed to have a secure border control wall, with a man leading a group of other men to their destination.

The leader was identified as a cartel member. Bergquam found massive debris and litter, including a child’s shoe and women’s underpants, strewed in with empty bottles and evidence of additives for drinks to help control dehydration.

And that is evidence that leftist nonprofits are assisting Cartel members in human trafficking and also likely in committing sex crimes against women and children.

Bergquam said in the video that it is common to find empty packages of Pedialyte.

According to Texas Tribune, at least one nonprofit group has been discovered handing out provisions to illegals that Bergquam found:

Immigrant Justice Now is working to provide supplies, like bus tickets, Pedialyte, shoes, prepaid c, cellphones, and underwear, to immigrant families and children.


Watch as Bergquam makes his discovery.

PT. 3

Watch as Bergquam talks to the illegal crossers, who tell him they paid to guided across the area, and also they tell him where they are headed.

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Here is Pt. 1:

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