Razing Socialism: El Salvador has a President that America can only Dream of – Nayib Bukele

El Salvador has a leader, Nayib Armando Bukele, who many, many Americans would like to have leading our broken nation and Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border got a chance to meet him and see how he is changing the quality of life for his people with policy changes- which are very similar to what Americans would like to see happen here.

There is a destruction of socialist policies, freeing up the nation for free market enterprise, which is helping them get the attention of investors and there are cultural changes as well that are getting the attention of other national leaders for how to deal with drug cartels in their own countries because Bukele has been very determined.

Bergquam caught some shocking footage of men smashing the graves of drug dealers who were with MS13, as Bukele’s commanded them to do- to send a message to criminals that they will be met with brutal force and not pageantry if caught doing crimes in the country. That type of determined stand is something that sounds harsh but is very much needed to rescue that nation.

“Eveyone here is much happier now; it is like they went from Hell to a very nice place,” Bergquam said, describing the reaction he was getting from people about Bukele’s leadership.

41-year-old Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez is a Salvadoran politician and businessman who is the 43rd president of El Salvador, serving since 1 June 2019 he appears to be a strong Populusit who is restoring law and order to the embattled country and making smart economic choices.

For example:

According to a post of his on Twitter, just recently, Bukele announced that he he was eliminating all taxes on technology, which is just an amazing move for a former socialist nation.

Here is what media is saying about that:

A paradigm shift is underway in El Salvador. The nation, under President Nayib Bukele’s leadership, has abolished taxes on technology innovations, AI, software and app programming, and hardware manufacturing, creating a tax-free tech haven.

In doing so, the country seeks to revolutionize its tech sector, inviting foreign investments and expanding job opportunities for locals.”


Bergquam got the footage of men smashing graves.

“Powerful video of Santa Tecla Cemetery in El Salvador where President Bukele ordered the destruction of all graves celebrating MS 13. Imagine if we did this to cartel / gang graves in America and Mexico and actually started treating them like the terrorists they are! With @Oscarelblue and Cemetery Director Fransisco Martinez. God bless President @nayibbukele “Law & Border” only on Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoicehttp://AmericasVoice.news http://FrontlineAmerica.com

Bergquam appeared on the War Room with host Steve Bannon and his sidekick and fellow Real America’s Voice correspondent, Oscar El Blue, to give Bannon some details about what they had seen while on location in the area. Both Bergquam and El Blue agreed that Bukele was a leader for the people:

There is even new Law and Order in the prisons, as Bergquam discovered:


According WIKI, Bukele represents a party called: Nuevas Ideas (Spanish for New Ideas) is a Salvadoran populist political party founded on 25 October 2017 and based in San Salvador. It was founded by the current President of the Republic of El SalvadorNayib Bukele. It was legalized by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) on 24 August 2018. Its first secretary-general was Federico Gerardo Anliker who was later succeeded by Xavier Zablah Bukele, a cousin of Nayib Bukele.

It is defined, according to its statutes, as a “democraticdecentralizedplural, and inclusive political party without obsolete ideologies, but at the forefront of the struggle for the recognition of all rights for all citizens, without exclusion or privileges. Among its principles are: building a free El Salvador, defending diversity of thought, a free market and social economy, assuming political activity and the exercise of power as an act of commitment to the country.” The party is centrist, rejecting both left and right-wing labels,[3][4] but it has been described as both center-right[5] and center-left

Sounds like El Salvador is on the mend, much unlike America, which is stuck with Democrats and RINOs playing destructive politics and making us feel like a third-world country.

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