RED ALERT! [Digest of Shows] War Room Issues Demands for Serious Government Action

Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once- is a quote used in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in Act II, Scene 2.

But if you didn’t know the score, you may have believed Stephen K. Bannon said it on Real America’s Voice, War Room program.

Government tyranny and election interference is a problem in the USA. Stephen K. Bannon, host of the War Room program, argues that the government is organizing against the American people, similar to what the American Patriots saw in 1774, with similar odds against them from the British Empire that patriots see now.

Bannon questions whether President Donald J. Trump will be able to win against the system of tyranny we are seeing, which is now openly discussed to frame him in public and is being implemented by those in power.

Bannon is pushing back; on top of demanding impeachment trials go on in a serious way, he is demanding on behalf of the Populist-MAGA movement that there action from the US Congress:

“Here is our demand. We want a plan of action for what will happen over the next 100 days. We have had problems before and solved them. We want solutions now,” Bannon said in the opening segment of Wednesday’s show, with a blistering message full of urgency directed to the US Government powers who refuse to address their spending and are endangering our historic Republic.

Bannon closed Wednesday’s show with footage of Speaker of the House Johnson talking about moving forward in a slow but meaningful way- on the impeachment process against Democrat Joe Biden- so there is a little hope that DC is listening to the War Room.


Bannon made his case that he needed to be bold and make demands because we were in grave danger. He laid it all out in the handful of shows between Nov.23 and 29.

Leading the set of shows was a highlight of an earlier speech, shown on Saturday, where he said, in part- that to be most successful in mobilizing the MAGA movement, it is essential to see the topics he discusses as falling into an ‘issue set,’ which then helps to define the top priorities Americans need to understand to work most efficiently to save the American Republic.

“We are going to go through the darkest times in American history. It is not hard to see how this plays out,” Bannon said, ringing the warning bell.

Things are dark- for sure, however, Bannon’s guests and viewers are not despondent.

Leading the week is Bannon’s urgent message to understand the overwhelming debt the government is accumulating, which is an issue that historically is the final nail in the coffin of a dying nation.

The numbers are hard to grasp for the average American, but Bannon pushes that we need to understand the financial crisis with clear eyes, like it or not.

“Populism is not waiting for leaders to do anything. It is you. You have to do something,” Bannon told his audience in the Pinehurst, North Carolina speech she aired in the War Room on Saturday. “These are the foundational issues people should see,” he added, giving them direction and telling them to get to work to safeguard their families and themselves.

“I want people to understand…. the debt crisis, the loss of our sovereignty, and Geopolitics, which they [the government] continue to use as a money laundering operation. Understand the Sharia supremacists underwritten by the CCP,” Bannon said in his Pinehurst speech.

Here are the three top issues in his 2024 ‘issue set,’ according to Bannon:

  1. Debt Crisis-Government needs to fix their spending.
  2. Loss of Sovereignty and closing the border.
  3. Geopolitics is giving the US Government opportunities for money laundering.

From that understanding comes an action plan for Bannon’s followers- the War Room posse- to use their collective and individual resources to blanket the political landscape with targeted information and get people out to vote in support of President Donald J. Trump.

Bannon’s guests confirmed that from their expertise, there are actionable moves in these three areas where a Populist movement could make still to reform the dark places our nation has fallen into.

The caveat: The people must be brave and dedicated to making changes and understand issues in detail. We must not fall into the traps and gimmicks of ‘Bidenonmics‘, and we need to stay focused on American First sovereignty and independence.

Here is a ‘quick and dirty’ summary for SHOWS 11/23-11/29. They are each fantastic. We are lucky to have Bannon as our modern-day “Sam Adams.” Watch them all if you can- links are above- at Rumble. And are chronicled here at

As Bannon says- Our task and purpose is to return America to its glory, and we can do that with human agency.

Each of these shows is important to watch:

Thursday, the Thanksgiving episode, highlighted the divine origins and purpose of the United States and our history in building foundations of collective power. Bannon talked to author Larry Schweikart about how groups in the past worked together to overcome tensions between different agendas.

Friday, Small Business Special Bannon highlighted the importance of establishing a Patriot Economy by interviewing War Room sponsors and their products to build a new era of prosperity.

Saturday, a critical speech from Pinehurst, North Carolina, where Bannon laid out the “issue set” and charged people to make power plays in their circles of influence.

Monday, we need to understand the 2024 election, highlighting the promise in The People’s Pundit Polling about Trump’s surprising popularity in the “Rust Belt.”

Tuesday’s Cold Open showed how corporate media says what is “Far Right,” Raheem Kasam talked about abortion and the importance of messaging about it ahead of the election, and guests talked about how to overcome election fraud by making sure all Trump supporters go vote.

Wednesday was focused on the massive financial crisis accumulating as an enormous burden on the American people, demanding the US government to do its job and stop the bleeding. Bannon also highlighted a video of Eric Schmidt and their ‘organizing. Principle’ which is the foundation of an alarming executive order.

Bannon reminds the audience that these things can be changed with the War Room’s human agency. But first, they need to know what is happening.

Bannon highlighted what he called “homo sapiens on one side of the battle and homo sapiens the other”- talking about the looming AI battles that will impact all of humanity, reminding his viewers that while average Americans are treated like “garbage” that we are still mighty in controlling the out of control government.

“We have State Capitalism now, like the model of the CCP, and that is to treat you like surfs, and that is why they fear Trump because he is a disruptor,” Bannon said.

That is why the media lies about Trump and the MAGA movement.

Bannon reaffirmed that Trump’s campaign is about peace and prosperity. He added that the movement is growing because of Trump’s actions during his first administration. It is essential to understand that Trump is a known entity, Bannon repeated numerous times throughout the week.

Bannon highlighted the importance of understanding the war in Israel and the way the media is covering the details and what it means to the US election, as he talked directly to the “awakened American” who is brave enough to face their own normalcy bias and accept that our government institutions have failed Americans- and that fact is critical to saving the American Republic.

In footage of corporate media during the Cold Opens, it is clear that Trump’s opposition is elevating the calls to stop Trump and Trump’s supporters by any means necessary and to hold on to their power and control, actually demonizing traditional American values as being “fringe” and scary.

Bannon’s guests pushed back on that lie from the media about our traditional American values.

Deconstructing the administrative state, which is the group responsible for creating tyranny in the US, and doing that by using digital minds and AI, corrupt policies, and media smears= fighting that, like Jesus fights Satan in the book of Mark, is the focus of the War Room action.

These are epic times in the US, as Populism is rising because of the disasters created by the government.

The guests in the War Room come armed- with valuable tools, which are linked below for dissemination. War Room viewers need to use the tools.

The mission in front of the War Room is to stop the administrative state and massive, out-of-control US Government from abusing the public trust and the tax base. So, if you listen closely to what Bannon says, you will hear the plan emerging- a multipronged attack.

The message is straightforward- we are a nation in decline, but that doesn’t mean we must fall and let it happen. We can still take action- IF we are brave enough to follow our mission.

Here we go, my brave patriots; let’s annoy the establishment and inform ourselves:

This digest is fan-generated from content found on Bannon’s War Room Rumble Channel. For official coverage of the War Room, the Aps, articles, and shows by dates- and Merch- go to


This clip does a great job of summarizing the fight ahead and the motivation to keep going.

These are essential links to click on to understand the foundations of Bannon’s programming.


@PeoplesPundit Richard Baris Rust Belt Polling First Hour Monday

Tuesday, during the 1st hour, Bannon talked about a TWEET from Jon Karl about funding and support behind Nikki Haley’s candidacy and what he called “Republic ending numbers,” 10:25 numbers, and math.

The Brink, the movie Bannon had a starring role in, he talked about at the top of the second hour Tuesday.

Debt Clock is an ongoing reference

Seamafor is a site Bannon recommends for news

Biden’s Executive Order On AI discussed by Joe Allen

Jamie Dimon article about Democrats supporting Nikki Haley

The Gospel of Mark, Bannon mentioned in the second hour of Wednesday


Phone AP by Grace Chong: Bill Blaster

Presidential Transition Team Training by Heritage: Project 25 Discussed Mon

Book by Kash Patel: Government Gangsters Discussed Monday

Polling by Richard Baris: MAGA Coalition was Discussed on Tues, and Rust Belt was discussed on Monday

Movie about Clarence Thomas: Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Discussed by Wed.

Twitter Thread: Marco Polo pictorial directories of Government Civil Servants Discussed by Garrett Ziegler Wed.

Study on Vaccines: Research in the Public Interest – discussed by Dr. Malone Wed.


Getting low-propensity Trump voters to get out and vote is the first call to action

Watch Marc Elias and his tactics to grab hold of the election away from Trump.

Voters need to understand the National Debt is rising out of control.

US Congress needs to support elections in Tiwain.

Understand AI, the executive order Eric Schmidt’s role, and how the US Government uses AI to create a State Capitalism like the CCP.

GUESTS (partial list):

1st hour Monday: Richard Baris – “We can’t stop the cheating, but we can overcome it.”

Seth Kessel talked about his election data.

Ret. Master Sgt. Jack Dnna– talked about the problems in the election in AZ that he sees as a coverup.

Business sponsors talked about their businesses

Joe Allen spoke about his ongoing AI investigations and Biden’s EO

Columnist Nana Akua spoke about the Royal Family and what that means for Western Civilization from a British perspective

Alex Jones, host of Info Wars, spoke about the power of the emerging new world order

Frank Gaffney spoke about needing a “Red Alert” about the invasion of the CCP in the USA and the problems with our open border.

Caroline Wren talked about the GOP with an insider’s point of view

Peter Navaro talked about Anthony Fauci and said he needed to be in jail for “murder”, new findings from the WuHan lab- and talked about his article in the Washinton Times about why the media is demonizing MAGA.

Dave Bratt talked about the Revolutionary Generation.

BANNON’S TALKING POINTS (a few fan favorites):

“I don’t want people to be upset but to get focused so they don’t steal the election. I understand Trump’s team is on top of this to fight it,” Bannon talked about in the first hour on Monday.

“Low-propensity Trump voters will make this election. We need to get to them and get them to vote,” Bannon said- top of the first hour Monday.

“Johnson needs to find courage now. We are not going to tolerate it. We have the Bill Blaster. We have operational pressure.”

“Write that down -organizing principle- it is the term of the day. Because the organizing principle right now of the government that you pay for, is going next level in the tyranny against you. Do you think the Patriots in 1774 and five and six had long odds against them with the British Empire? This is the Dark Star, and it landed in Washington DC”.


War Room is seen on Real America’s Voice Monday – Friday 10 AM – 12 PM and 5 PM- 6 PM EST and 6 PM – 7 PM M-F on Frank Speech. Steve Bannon can be found on GETTR. War Room archives can be found on Rumble.

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