Regime Change? Ukraine Warns Biden Is Creating Panic, Pentagon Says Ukraine Can ‘Live With It’

The way the Biden administration handles the looming Ukraine crisis is growing more shocking by the day. Biden and his administration are leading the world to believe that there is such a monumental crisis developing there, that he is willing to start – what feels a good deal like- World War 3 over it.

Don Trump Jr had a powerful point of view on the looming war and speculated that the Biden has an alternative motive to cause chaos there- other than protecting Ukraine from Russia:

What the crisis in Biden’s mind really is all about is very curious on it’s face – just because of Biden’s very suspicious interactions in the contrary.  Recall Biden’s bragging about controlling the government in the past as seen in this video:

While Biden and his administration- now -say they have to protect people from threatening Russian troops, the President of Ukraine says nothing of the sort is happening in his own country- saying that he lives there- so he should know.

A CNN headline reads:

US official says Russian troop presence is a danger but Ukraine warns of causing ‘panic’ with rhetoric

“Tensions continue to mount as fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine persist globally. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said during a press conference on Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has built up the military presence along the Ukraine border “larger in scale and scope than we have seen in recent memory,” per BuzzFeed News. In Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said world leaders’ rhetoric about a possible incursion are “causing ‘panic’ and destabilizing [the economy],” according to CNN.

“He told foreign reporters on Friday that the Kremlin has been a threat for years and Ukrainians have “learned to live” with it,” CNN reported.

On Friday, Zelenskyy tried to shake Biden off- as reported by ABC News.

“We are grateful for the support,” Ukrainian Pres. Zelenskyy tells @IanPannell.”But I can’t be like other politicians who are grateful to the United States just for being United States…We want to be partners and true friends.”

According to ABC, Biden is escalating military intervention into something that he was not asked to do.  What does that mean about Biden? And the sovereignty of the country he claims to be protecting?


“Wednesday’s arrival of American F-15 fighters in Estonia to join an ongoing NATO air policing mission over the Baltics would normally not garner much attention were it not for the rising tensions of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine,” ABC reported.

?While the F-15’s weeklong deployment to Estonia to join fighter jets from Belgium had been in the works for a while, Thursday’s arrival in Lithuania of four Danish F-16 fighters for a similar mission was a more recent decision by Denmark tied to the rising tensions over Ukraine,” according to ABC News.

Even radical far-left CNN had to report the truth that Biden’s assistance is not wanted in the area.

“Experts fear a Russian invasion of Ukraine could usher in a new era of uncertainty in eastern Europe, disrupt supply chains and the global economy, and force a shift in geopolitical influence that damages the credibility of the West,” CNN reported.

And Zelinsky clearly has said Biden’s plans are not shared by his country.

Speculations that Biden planning a war in Ukraine is a way of protecting Hunter Biden and his family’s ties to corrupt business in the country should be investigated.

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