Shocking Exclusive Coverage Of High-Speed Chase On Southern Border

Ben Bergquam reported from La Joya, on the Southern Border of the United States, about the mass break out of high-speed chases that are happing there, endangering the small communities regularly.

In the video below, Berquam shows a white SUV with its right turn signal, slowing down as sirens are heard in the background. As police stop their car and approach the SUV, it appears that the driver intends to stop and then jolts into action and accelerates to a high speed leading police on a chase, where the driver recklessly seeks a place in the woods to stop and abandon his vehicle.

Please share this video to help Americans see the real consequences of Democrat Joe Biden’s border policies -on real Americans.

Just another day in the life of La Joya Texas PD thanks to Joe Biden and the open borders left! #IllegalInvasion #DemocratsAmerica #BidenBorderVariant

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