SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE! Line of Illegals Say Where They Are Moving To In USA

Anthony Aguero, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and for Border Network News, interviewed a large group of migrants who were illegally crossing the border of the United States, coming from Peru and Columbia through Mexico.

“#BidensBorderInvasion continues all day and all night, and American citizens are the ones left paying for it. This is treason!” Ageuro reported about update on the migrant crisis at the US border.

“Thank you to my brother @AgueroForTexas, aka Conservative Anthony, for your continued great reporting!” Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline America, posted, and retweeted Aguero’s short, but powerful video footage.

The migrants confidently tell Aguero where they are moving to in the United States:
pista Florida y usted
de Perú A qué estado se dirige? a California incendio ahorita
A qué estado se dirige a Texas y señorita ateca New York Florida Florida y California y usted?
Philadelphia Y usted Philadelphia Philadelphia PhiladelphaPhiladelpha Florida Florida y usted y usted
está frío allá y usted Colombia
Florida A qué estado va al Miami usted y usted y usted y usted y usted y usted y usted New York, New Jersey, Arizona y usted ni Florida Tampa Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Philadelphia
New York Chicago Los Ángeles Texas Florida Florida Florida


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