Bannon Rant! Vote The Bums Out For This Woke Energy Crisis

Elites in the US and the UK governments have created such a mess for people with their stupid ideas that it is going to cause a loss of life this winter, according to experts, as the cost of energy is reaching prices that make fuel out of the reach of people who are not wealthy.

“In the United Kingdom, what is going to happen will dwarf the financial crisis of 2008. The same thing is going to happen here. Here we’re going to have this energy crisis that is going to be major cause of a financial collapse. Let me repeat that a financial collapse. And if we keep screwing around with this, it’s only going to get worse every day, and you’re going to get to a point that we can’t pull it back.  If we don’t get it together, it will take decades to reverse this,: Steve Bannon said on his War Room program on Saturday.

Bannon was reacting to a number of news articles that spelled out disaster for the working class communities of both the US and the UK.

“A ‘Tsunami of Shutoffs’: 20 Million US Homes Are Behind on Energy Bills. Surging electricity prices spur worst-ever crisis in late utility payments,” Bloomberg reported this week.

Bannon, a champion of the Populist movement,  slammed the elite politicians who make laws and regulations that harm the working class and poor people.

‘It is time to throw the bums out who made this mess,” Steve Bannon said on his Saturday episode of the War Room program, talking about elections in both the UK and the USA.

“The elite control the working class, and it is the hardworking people who are screwed by the bad decisions these policymakers have made that got us into this Hell,” Bannon said, laying out the dire projections for the coming cold months in the UK where people have to decide between feeding their children and having heat.

Of course, the haughty elite, who won’t even need to layer on another sweater this winter, point to the COVID Pandemic as the cause of the problem- and never consider what their stupid green policies have done.

The AP reported in the typical world salad from the same leaders who demanded our dependence on foreign energy.

“U.S. bank Citi forecast that the huge energy cost increases could drive U.K. inflation to 18% next year. The Bank of England predicts a recession starting later this year.

Charities and public health leaders warn that the rocketing bills will be a “catastrophe” for poorer people heading into winter, as growing numbers are forced to make impossible choices between heating their homes and putting food on the table.

The energy regulator, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, said the quarterly update is meant to mitigate volatility in the energy market, allowing energy suppliers to better manage their risks so there’s no sudden cost hikes for consumers.


Global oil and gas prices have been rising sharply since last year as economies worldwide recovered from the coronavirus pandemic and demand for energy surged. Russia’s war in Ukraine created a full-on energy crisis as Moscow reduced or cut off natural gas flows to European countries that rely on the fuel to power industry, generate electricity and heat and cool homes.”

It is exactly what the leftists wanted, and we should not let them off the hook by saying that they only meant for happy things to happen to people when they screwed up access to energy for two different continents.

And here we are:

“The most important energy story right now – and the least told – is not about the Inflation Reduction Act. Can’t Pay Utility Bills? 20 Million US Homes Behind on Payments, Facing Shutoffs,” Michael Wara, an energy and climate lead policy consultant, wrote on his Twitter linking to the Bloomberg article that spells out the Democrats crushing utopian dreams of cutting off energy to the middle class and watching them and their children suffer.


And for as bad as Americans have it right now, the United Kingdom has it worse, because their radical Marxist- leftists are even more delusional ‘accross the pond’ in Europe than they are in the US.

The Guardian reported recently:  “Ember, revealed that renewable energy generated by wind, sunlight, water and wood made up 42% of the UK’s electricity last year compared with 41% generated from gas and coal plants together.

Although renewable energy has overtaken fossil fuels during the summer months before, 2020 was the first time that renewables were the main source of the UK’s electricity over a year.”

So why can’t they save the people of UK?

These are concerns that Americans didn’t use to have, but with the Democrats in charge, American families now have the energy system of a third-world nation- which is the obsession of the Marxist left- that is exactly where they want Americans to be because they really do not believe we deserve anything better.

When we had President Donald J. Trump, the United States was energy independent.  But now we have Biden.

And now the bills are coming due- and all of the Democrat’s oppressive regulations to prevent any energy industry from producing what we need- has depleted resources.  Now we are going to face the Marxist’s ultimate dream come true- we are going to watch Americans suffer, and some very poor people will likely freeze to death and die.  Thank a Democrat.

Bannon reminds people that we can solve these problems, but it takes people to vote the bums out of office:

“Nigel Farage was talking about the other night right on his show and said, hey, energy costs cannot go up 80%, it’s going to be the end of the Tory party. Is anybody in the Biden regime trying to implement any policies to take care of the energy crisis in the United States of America, which is the Beating Heart of the inflation problem?” Bannon said.
Bannon went on to slam the Democrat regulations of cutting production in the US and killing the Pipeline in favor of green policies, making us dependent on foreign supplies.
It is actually insane. And Bannon is the only one making the connection to the looney politicians who are creating this mess.
Bannon interviewed Dave Walsh on his program.  Walsh slams Biden and the Democrats who refuse to be grown-ups about the problems we face.


From the dire Bloomberg article:

“The power bill crisis is even more acute in Europe, where the spike in natural gas prices has been far greater in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Policymakers there have sprung into action, throwing billions of euros in aid at struggling families to help them pay bills. There’s been no meaningful talk of doing anything on a similar scale in the US, where the hand-wringing has been dedicated, as always, to the gyrations of gasoline prices at the pump.

Utility shutoffs can have deadly consequences, though, a risk that’s becoming more palpable as summer heat shatters records. Already gut-punched by soaring prices for just about everything, more and more people are facing a choice among food, housing, and keeping the power on. “I expect a tsunami of shutoffs,” says Jean Su, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, which tracks utility disconnections across the US,” Bloomberg reported.

It is a disaster.

80% to people who are already struggling is something that is insurmountable.  Where is Gretta Thunberg and AOC to solve this mess for these people?

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