SHOCKING: Illegals Flying into the USA From Terrorist Countries- Bypassing the Border, Let Loose With no Vetting

“Breaking story! Large numbers from the Middle East, mostly from Syria and Afghanistan, flying directly into Tijuana airport. Heading to America next. Footage from my Law & Border and Border Network News Brother

@Oscarelblue. From Oscar: “I was walking in the airport and saw a bunch of people that were stuck in the immigration airport office. Later on, I ask an officer, and they said there’s a lot of people from the Middle East arriving, mostly from Syria and Afghanistan. They were stuck in the airport waiting for their process.” Brought to you by Joe Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, the United Nations and the open borders Democrats! #DemocratsDidThis Law & Border – Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice ,” Bergquam reported on Twitter, adding footage from El Blue.


El Blue’s reporting confirms what Todd Bensman told Steve Bannon on the War Room on Tuesday. In his report, Bensman said that illegals were hopping over the border and being flown directly into the United States:

Bensman, on Tuesday, expanded a Sept. 2023 article, where he reported:

Summary: A little-known part of the Biden administration’s CBP One parole program permits inadmissible aliens to make an appointment to fly directly to airports in the interior of the United States, bypassing the border altogether. Partial data on the program, just obtained by the Center for immigration Studies pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, reveals that more than 200,000 people from four countries have used this direct-flight and parole program over the past year.

In January, President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security began implementing the cornerstone of its current Southwest Border management strategy: a series of new “lawful pathways” measures designed to decrease the historically high monthly “encounter” statistics of illegally crossing immigrants and to thin their mass congregations before they become a political problem.

For one of the more publicized measures, DHS cajoles tens of thousands of intending illegal border-crossers per month to instead go on the CBP One smartphone application, and make an appointment with U.S. officials at land ports of entry instead of crossing illegally. After making an appointment, DHS invites these inadmissible aliens to walk over to the American side at the land ports, where U.S. Customs officials quickly “parole” them in, allowing them to travel to a city of their choice in the nation’s interior.

But one of the least noticed, mysterious, and potentially the most controversial of the new rechanneling programs that use the CBP One app allows migrants to take commercial passenger flights from foreign countries straight to their American cities of choice, flying right over the border — and even over Mexico. For this measure, CubansVenezuelansNicaraguansHaitians, and Colombians — while they are still in countries south of Mexico — request “advance travel authorizations” through the same CBP One mobile app and take commercial flights (“at their own expense”) directly into U.S. airports, where U.S. Customs officers parole them into the nation, sight unseen, and in numbers publicly unknown.

Biden officials have rarely, if ever, spoken of this “family unification” flight program in the year since implementing it, perhaps mindful of the political outcry over the late-night “ghost flights” that DHS stealthily arranges to ferry migrant children into various airports, and mindful, too, of strong recent political backlash in large U.S. cities like New York and Chicago to paroled migrants busing themselves in from the border. Here, migrants flying directly into America go uncounted in the monthly Border Patrol tallies, unnoticed, and without media inquiry, virtually all information about it almost hermetically sealed.

But records obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies as part of ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation against U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show these migrant flights have brought significant numbers of migrants into U.S. cities over most of the past year. (See the Excel files for “Parole Arrivals” for CubaHaitiNicaragua, and Venezuela.)

On Tuesday, Bensman reported with details that migrants are not JUST coming from those four countries, they are coming from 96 countries “by design, by purpose that the government knows they are coming from places like Iran with little to no vetting. They are known as special, interesting aliens, and they need additional screening,” Bensman told Bannon.

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