VINDICATION IN DC: Reaction from Rep. Crane, one of the “Crazy 8” who Pushed to Change DC

The race that started with eight Republicans pushing US Rep. Kevin McCarthy out of his leadership position as Speaker of the House is over as of Wednesday afternoon.

“Newly-minted Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., managed to unite one of the most fractured House Republican Conferences in modern history on Wednesday, but he was hardly considered a frontrunner to replace ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Johnson was elected by a unanimous House Republican caucus, ending three weeks of turmoil and multiple failed attempts to fill the speakership after McCarthy’s historic ousting. The GOP finally coalesced around Johnson Tuesday following a late-night conference vote behind closed doors. 

“I think he has it,” a GOP lawmaker who was in the room during the vote told Fox News Digital at the time. But it came after a marathon day of meetings where several lawmakers jostled for the title of speaker. Tensions, at times, ran high.

Two GOP lawmakers in the room said that McCarthy had objected to suspending conference rules to expedite making Johnson speaker-designate, after Majority Whip Tom Emmer, R-Minn., dropped out of the race over seemingly insurmountable opposition. 

After all the McCarthy drama was ended- Johnson had a moment of prayer for the press and businesses started up right away.


Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, had an opportunity to talk to US Rep. Eli Crane, one of the eight members of Congress who forced a historic change in leadership in Washington DC. This town has impacted our political system and caused great dismay and hardship for the American people.

In the footage on Bergquam’s Twitter, he posted:

“Ran into@RepEliCrane after Congressman Mike Johnson was elected Speaker of the House! God bless Eli and every representative that puts God and America First!”


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