Soggy Defiant Supporters Cheer Mark Robinson for Governor with Bishop, Budd, NC House, NC Senate Endorsements

It was a dark and stormy day… and supporters of Republican Mark Robinson refused to budge, even in the face of a storm and heavy rain- they would not leave Robinson to make his announcement that he is running for Governor, alone; hundreds of people stood by his side for an hour- and much of that was in done under dark clouds and heavy rain. The crowd remained defiant and steadfast in their support for a man who has walked out the American dream from a place of brokenness and who has made a spectacular political career on the story of a once small, scared child without a father to someone who speaks about his hard-earned survival tactics as he is emerging a mightily civil servant for the American people- out of the ashes.

One top NC Republican said that Robinson was the most “formidable” candidate NC has.

Formidable: “inspiring fear or respect through being impressively powerful, intense, or capable.” Robinson is more powerful than any storm.

The crowd refused to leave him as the dark clouds roamed the sky, thundering and then equally emptying a punishing rain on everyone below.

Robinson’s message resonates with them. He has had a hard life, made some mistakes, gotten his butt kicked by life, lost jobs, chose abortion in poverty, been bankrupt, learned how to rise up, take care of his family, maintain his marriage to a devoted and loving spouse, and ran for political office against all odds to win. And now, Mark Robinson wants to take what he has learned- about how to make it in an often frustrating nation- and lead the state with what he knows from experience about the American dream.

Yolanda Hill, Mark’s wife of 33 years, has remained a steadfast and determined supporter, even as the corporate media has tried to destroy their marriage, their faith in God, and their reputations as being anti-abortion over a choice they made to abort a child when they found themselves in poverty.


Their defense for making the heartbreaking decision is – to ask who is better to know about the problems that face poor people who are facing such a situation than people who have gone through it.

Their point is – who better to understand what type of help is really needed when people face abortion as a solution, they know- and it has to do with jobs, employment, and work :

Yolanda stands when her husband called out to thank her for her support. In the audience was a man in his early 30s named Stephen, who drove for hours and stood in the rain to support Robinson because, with Robinson’s encouragement, Stephen went from running the streets six years ago to a gainfully employed law enforcement officer.

Stephen said he would not leave Robinson for anything- he would face any storm.

The event was held at Ace Speedway, which displayed a modified Stock Car, driven by a young woman who races with Mark Robinson’s name on her car- all around North Carolina out of a deep respect for the man she sees- who she says is fearless.

Even before he got the tile, Robinson had already done the job of leading.

There is more of that sort of defiant support of a man ‘who has no business running for Governor’ is what North Carolina politics faces heading into the 2024 race to lead the state after a disastrous and oppressive reign of ‘King” Roy Cooper.

Robinson has establishment and media foes. He boldly addressed that fact on Saturday while the crowd chanted, “Mark, Mark, Mark!!” as they indicated they matched his frustration with the same people.

The media has been demented and twisted by attacking Robinson since he announced his run for Lt. Governor, even calling him a Klu Klux Klan member, and he had a special message for them all at his announcement:

“The media despises me, because I say to them I do not FEAR YOU, and the establishment fears me because I won’t be controlled and I won’t be tamed!!”


Robinson also has Republican detractors, but they are not getting very far. Robinson has a masterful lead over the other candidate, Dale Fowell, who quietly announced he was running:

Twice failed candidate Mark Walker, who got 1.8% of the vote in his run against US Senator Tedd Budd, has stated that he will also run. And there are rumors of other Republicans who are considering a run. Even left-leaning WRAL reported in Dec. on a poll that found 54.8% of respondents had a favorable opinion of Robinson. Only 8.4% viewed him unfavorably.

And the media viewed Robinson’s announcement with bitter resentment, which was to be expected because he wants to represent the very same deplorable as President Donald J. Trump has championed.

Robinson became the latest man in the area for the Populist-Conservative agenda on Saturday, announcing his plans to run for Governor of North Carolina. He revealed his strong Populist vision to serve the people of the state with the enthusiastic support of Republicans in the General Assembly, with whom Robinson has developed a mutually supportive relationship as he has served as the Lt. Governor.

“People know what they need, and government needs to be public servants to provide for them what they can, and then simply get the Hell out of the way. I care about people and their families. I have been to every county talking to people, and I have seen them when they are hurt and when they are in victory. So it makes me tear up when people are excited to see me as someone in office because people need to feel like they have a voice,” Robinson said.

“Our parents, teachers, and students are doing a great job,” Robinson said about three groups of people he wants to champion, slamming the bloated education system instead of people, lending his support to teachers, who the media wrongly says Republicans in North Carolina work against.

‘When the media says I am not fit to run, they mean you are not fit. If the rain didn’t chase me off- no one else is going to chase me off. I was supported to be aborted and crushed by racism, lose my election for Lt. Gov., and I just finished my undergrad degree in history that I started 30 years ago. We deserve people to represent us who understand our problems. I want people to know that you can achieve great things and obtain the American dream. This is our time, this is our dream, and this is our state,” Robinson concluded, hinting that work opportunities are going to be a significant part of his agenda for the state.


Here are some more takeaways from the speech:

Because elite politicians make decisions in Washington, DC, you are forced to make decisions back in your own home. We need and deserve a governor to stand up again the irresponsible liberal policies that hurt our families and us. We need responsible fiscal policies. Thanks to Republicans we were named the best state to do business and that does not happen overnight- it happens with hard work. We must lower taxes for everyone, not just for Wall Street but for the people on your street.” (31:42)

I have had a tough time keeping together because I see a cross-section of America in this crowd, and I am more proud now than ever before.

Thanking his wife of 33 years, Yolanda, and his family and calling his supporters, his extended family, and his team asking people to continue to stand with him and thanking the elected officials who have stood with him, showing unity.

“When I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes, and I know why we never give up. You are the reason we continue to fight for a better day in North Carolina,” Robinson said.

27:24 “I want to make it official; I am running for Governor of North Carolina.” to enthusiastic applause, and talked about his hardships will resonate with many people, including being the 9th out of 10 children whose abusive-alcoholic father tragically died when he was in 5th grade.

29:00 “My Mom was and always was my hero, who taught me about work.” so inspired by his mother, Robinson talked about how his mother provided for the family.

29:17 “I lost jobs and was forced into bankruptcy and how I was going to pay bills, but my mother taught me. Because I stand here as the first Lt. Governor of North Carolina, I stand as a testament that anything can happen in the United States of America.”

31:48 “The Devil is mad at me and I do not care.,” Robinson said as thunder boomed, and he continued as crowds scrambled for umbrellas, yet no one left.

36:00 “We need to declare we are here to stand up for the men and women in blue, and we are hear to stand up against false narratives because we know the truth, that without any police, we have no civil society,” Robinson said.

Members from the Upper Room congregation said they were very proud of Robinson and they will stand with him no matter what.

The rally started with an electric invocation by Bishop Wooden of the Upper Room in Raleigh.

“We live in a time when men have lost their minds, and they think they can make themselves women and redefine marriage. We declare we believe in fiscal responsibility and morals and biblical truths; we believe in Mark Robinson and pray your favor will upon him. We pray it will please you to make him the next Governor, both Black and white, to ask you for a blessing on him. We have shared values that make this country great,” Wooded said.

The owner of Ace Speedway, Fred Miller spoke in support of Mark Robinson:

“You all have a lot in common doesn’t matter what you look like because you have freedom and your right to vote. The first protects the others. Mark Robinson is a fighter. I have witnessed what happens when one of those things comes under challenge, and Mark will defend those things,” Miller said.

Robinson has a lot of Republican support as well, who said they were proud to stand with Robinson, and they also remained in the rain and stayed for all comments, to the end, remaining with the people when they could have left to sit in a tent set up for them behind the stands.

Before it rained, Republican Legislators, who have a newly secured and important supermajority, entered the stage to show their support of Robinson, led by Conservative Senator Phil Berger, the officially elected president Pro Tem since 2011, who didn’t speak but who did enthusiastically show his support of the other speakers.

“Mark Robinson is one of us, and we need him to support us. He is a man who represents us and fights for our freedoms, and he has demonstrated that day in- and day out. We need him for North Carolina. He is not afraid to fight. We in the House wholeheartedly stand with and endorse him. Mark stands for the majority, and he will fight for us, ” NC Rep said.

Sen. Brad Overcash spoke and said,” my favorite thing about Mark Robinson is that he is going to carry on a long tradition of fighting for freedom; we are first in freedom; we were the first in the nation and Mark Robinson will lead. This legislative support is the biggest rally for a state-level representative we have ever had.”

US Rep. Dan Bishop spoke in a videotaped statement and reminded people of Robinson’s 2018 speech it was the way he represented himself-he has been reminding us who the majority is- he is the most formidable candidate I have ever seen in North Carolina.

“Many people in the majority have had bankruptcies and have over them. Robinson understands the sweep of history,” Bishop said. Listing problems that Americans have overcome. The government needs to serve the majority. I endorse his candidacy with everything I got

US Senator Ted Budd spoke in support of Robinson by videoed remarks.

“The American dream is ingrained in Mark Robinson, and he will protect it. I endorse Mark Robinson for Governor. Please rally behind him to make our state stronger,” Budd said.

The Angry American, Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue-by Toby Keith, played just prior to Robinson’s entrance.

Then Mark Robinson entered the arena to the song Imagine Dragons Believer

Check out the lyrics:

I was broken from a young age
Taking my sulking to the masses
Writing my poems for the few
That look at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me
Singing from heartache from the pain
Taking my message from the veins
Speaking my lesson from the brain
Seeing the beauty through the…


There is simply no storm the media or his opponents can devise that is going to shake Robinson’s support.

Many people in North Carolina are going to bypass politics to face turmoil for him because he is just like them, and he isn’t trying to hide it and be something he isn’t. He is honest about his mistakes and failures, and he turns it around to say- where else can someone make mistakes and then become the first Black Lt. Gov?

The people love him for it.

The people were not afraid. No one left.

Soaking wet after a long day, Robinson let all of the VIPS and dignitaries wait in their nice pretty tent, as the audience emptied out and greeted all of the regular people who stayed to shake his hand.

The storm is upon the Democrats and the RINOS and how they handle this one is going to be interesting to watch. Sort of like a wild race around the very elite who can not stand the idea of serving the public.

They are in for a surprise finish, for sure. No one would have ever thought stopping at a City Council meeting would lead to a governorship.

REMEMBER- the I am the majority speech? He did say- come Hell or High Water…

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