UN Biodiversity Program Being Ignored In Favor of Democrat Migrant Crime and Garbage: Dems are Hypocrites and Liars

The Democrats talk about the importance of the United Nation’s campaign for Biodiversity in the world with things like “Earth Day” and push policies through the EPA, talking about why we must do everything to preserve nature- AND they also push the UN Global Compact for Migration and policies for open borders, which endangers the world’s Biodiversity
They are hypocrites.

Consider this:

On May 22, the world celebrates International Biodiversity Day. The date created by the United Nations on May 22, 1992, which is intended to make the population of the world aware of the importance of biological diversity and the preservation of biodiversity in all ecosystems.

“In 2022, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will adopt new targets for conserving, restoring, and sustainably managing multiple dimensions of biodiversity, including nature’s contributions to people (NCP).”

So they must want to consider what their push for massive human migration is doing to the earth, right? That is laughable.

Likely they are ignoring footage of the destruction of the environment along the human migration path the US and the US Federal government have built as a sort of ‘superhighway’ of Central America, as exposed by Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border in a recent video:

“If corporations were dumping this much garbage into this pristine jungle, you would have wall-to-wall coverage, and Greenpeace would be here hugging trees and demanding something be done about it. Instead, they are pushing for more immigration. You did this, Democrats. More Democrat garbage is what we find,” Bergquam said, panning the area and showing the debris and litter.

We covered the remarks of a former Panama City official with extensive environmentalism cred – who posted to Bergquam that Biden’s migration was harming ‘Biodiversity’:

“Bestial. Brutal. Unacceptable. Hundreds of drug-cartel thugs such as these are killing, assaulting, and raping migrants every day in the Darién —and at the same time, destroying our forests and biodiversity. They control illegal human trafficking from South America to the US,” Juan Carlos Navarro posted to Ben Bergquam.

And it is all especially even more frustrating to know from media reports that open borders is causing harm to communities, damage to people, and hiring the environment as people are being tortured, abused, and killed:

CMN News described the footage above:

“PUERTO LIMON, Panama – A massive spike of migrants crossed the Darien Gap here in Panama last year with nearly 250,000 men, women, and children from 150 countries making the perilous journey. There were 36 recorded deaths, but many more simply disappear. Rather than trying to shut down the dangerous route, U.S. officials are making changes that will bring even more people to the U.S. illegally each year. Not long after sunup on the steamy Panamanian side of the Darien Gap, dugout canoes make their way downriver to a tiny tribal village. The dugouts aren’t carrying locals, however. They are packed with migrants from all over the world, whose destination is the U.S. southern border. Recent policy changes the Biden administration allow 120,000 migrants per month to skip this challenging trek by pre-registering using a new mobile app. Even so, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas maintains the goal is not to stop migrants from entering the U.S.”

So the Democrats who want to feel good about themselves as “great humantarians” need to look in a mirror. There they will find someone who makes excuses for their political idols and looks the other way when everything is being damaged by power grabs and that is a lot different than tree hugging.

They simply are not the cool hippies they pretend to be.

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