Soros Aligned ‘WOKE’ Judge Let Shooter Loose AFTER Spraying Innocent People with Gunfire

Judge Lloyd U. Nolan, Jr., a magistrate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, finds himself embroiled in controversy after his decision to release 18-year-old Amonte Moody on bail. Moody stands accused of firing over two dozen rounds from an AR-15 at a car carrying four people along a busy D.C. street. The case has drawn attention not just for the severity of the allegations but also for Nolan’s social media activity, which leans heavily into progressive activism.

This is what Democrats want, and vote for….

Footage is found on social media:

Nolan’s online presence paints a picture of his Progressive WOKE ideology. His Facebook posts proudly proclaim his “woke” status, express support for movements like Black Lives Matter, and reveal financial contributions to causes associated with George Soros. Specifically, Nolan’s donation to Gideon’s Promise, a group linked to Soros through a fellowship, has raised eyebrows.

Gideon’s Promise, founded in 2007 by Jonathan Rapping, aims to bolster legal representation for the underprivileged, particularly through supporting public defenders in the Southeastern United States. While the organization’s goals align with noble ideals of justice and fairness, Nolan’s affiliation has fueled speculation and criticism, especially given the context of Moody’s case.

In response to inquiries from Fox News Digital regarding his social media activity, Nolan promptly made his Facebook account private. This move suggests a desire to shield his online persona from further scrutiny amidst mounting public attention and criticism.

Despite the controversy surrounding Moody’s release, Judge Nolan stands by his decision. He concluded that Moody, despite facing charges of endangerment with a firearm, possession of a weapon, and assault, did not pose a significant threat to the community. Instead, Nolan opted for house arrest with a GPS monitor, a decision that has sparked outrage and prompted prosecutors to seek an emergency hearing to potentially reverse it.

The decision to release Moody has reignited debates surrounding judicial discretion, particularly in cases involving violent crimes. Critics argue that Nolan’s leniency could undermine public safety and erode trust in the justice system. However, defenders point to the principle of presumption of innocence and Nolan’s thorough consideration of release conditions, which include educational support and community resources for Moody.

As the case unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the complex intersection between judicial decision-making, social activism, and public accountability in the criminal justice system.

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