MTG Says Johnson Refuses to Defund Lawfare Against President Trump

In her recent bid to overthrow Speaker Mike Johnson, fiery Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) disclosed to Maria Bartiroma a prior attempt at negotiation. On Sunday’s Fox program, Greene admitted to offering Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, an off-ramp before filing her motion to vacate.

Appearing on ‘ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Greene reported that she would reconsider her motion if Johnson agreed to defund special counsel Jack Smith. However, though expressing openness to reforming special counsel rules, Johnson maintained that eliminating Smith’s position via the appropriations process wasn’t feasible.

Johnson emphasized the necessity of a mechanism like the special counsel’s office to handle investigations without conflicts of interest. Despite Greene’s demands and accusations of Johnson’s alignment with Democrats, her motion ultimately failed in a 359-43 vote.

Before her attempt, Greene had publicly outlined her demands, including defunding the special counsel, discontinuing aid to Ukraine, and adhering to the Hastert Rule. The latter, a principle requiring majority Republican support for legislation, was disregarded by Johnson when he advanced a Ukraine aid bill against Republican objections.

Despite her setback, Greene remains adamant about the need for a Republican Party that fights, echoing sentiments shared by Trump, who suggested a future motion to vacate the chair might be warranted. Greene’s endeavor, while unsuccessful, sheds light on the complex dynamics within the Republican Party and the broader political landscape.

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