South Side Chicago Pastor Decries Democrat Neglect Amid Border Crisis

In the wake of the migrant crisis unfolding in Chicago, Pastor Corey Brooks, a well-known man in the South Side community, has expressed deep disillusionment with governmental leadership. Brooks, the visionary behind Project H.O.O.D (Helping Others Obtain Destiny), told the media recently, “It’s very disheartening because… now you’re adding more people to the problem,” talking about the strain on an already overstretched resources in an overtaxed city, observing that resources meant for native Chicagoans are being diverted to illegals.

Here is Pastor Brooks in Feb.

Reflecting on the situation, Brooks highlighted a “serious leadership flaw,” pointing out the prioritization of Joe Biden’s open borders over longstanding community issues.

According to Fox News, Chicago has allocated nearly $300 million since 2022 for migrant care, with an additional $70 million approved last month alone. This allocation has drawn sharp criticism from residents who feel neglected as their needs take a backseat to people being called “migrants”.

Brooks’ sentiments represent those who feel neglected by city and broader Democratic leadership. He emphasized, “When we make our city a sanctuary city… that is going to be an overwhelming problem.” Despite his tireless efforts to uplift his community, Brooks expressed skepticism about receiving support from city authorities, even after the migrant crisis abates.

In Brooks’ eyes, the situation epitomizes a longstanding pattern of neglect: “We have been doing the work… and have not gotten resources from the city.” While acknowledging recent efforts to address the crisis, including the closure of temporary shelters, Brooks remains skeptical about the city’s commitment to long-term community revitalization.

Brooks’ points show a broader sentiment of disenchantment among South Side residents. The influx of resources to address the migrant crisis, juxtaposed with longstanding community neglect, has eroded trust in governmental institutions.

As Brooks eloquently put it, “Thinking that city government is going to somehow now shift their philosophy… That’s not going to happen.”

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