Special Message To Steve Bannon

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America, is a frequent guest on Bannon’s War Room podcast to talk about the reckless open border policies of Democrat Joe Biden and his administration.

Bannon’s War Room has been instrumental in popular programing for creating cohesion and action in the general populist movement that has risen up boldly in the days since the 2020 election and in the shadow of what appears to be a purposeful invasion of the United States of America.

Bannon’s posse- his viewers are looking for actions to assist in saving our great Republic. There is no other show that provides people the details of how to use their human agency and work together to stop the massive Marxist reset of America.

As Bergquam investigates for Real America’s Voice, he often brings Bannon powerful stories of human tragedy from the crime the migrant invasion has caused in small towns and cities all over the United States- proving that every town is a “border town” now- because so many people have to address the growing pains of taking in foreigners from Biden’s assisted mass migration of people from all over the world.

Bergquam also brings exclusive content that he has discovered- which no other media has covered, such as live footage of migrants discarding their money, IDS, and phones at the border. Bergquam shows Bannon this weird thing these migrants do-so they have no identifying information on their person- an extraordinary occurrence.

Bannon is among a small handful of broadcasters who will tell the American people the truth about what they are facing, and according to a sampling of his viewers-it is because he is so eager to protect the border and inspire other patriots to not give up over what seems like a dire situation.

His viewers are fans, and they love him for his defense of the Southern Border- so a few of them sent him a special message from Eagle Pass through Bergquam recently:

“We have been following you for two years. We watch you a few times a day. Come here with President Trump; we will be waiting for you!”


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